Terresa Murray’s “Corkscrew” Curly Hairstyle

Salon: Hair Explosion
Stylist: Teressa Murray
Model: Shanell
Make Up: Tracie Esmond

Those nights out with friends, family or your significant other may keep your nerves on edge, how your hair will look and if the humidity would mess it up. These thoughts can become very frustrating and could cause a headache that may make you want to change your mind on that planned event. Why go through the stress when Terresa Murray from Hair Explosion Hair Salon in Panama City, FL has an easy hairstyle that is sure to be quick if you happen to be in a rush. The Corkscrew Curly Hairstyle is a spunky way to show modest attitude and personality. Some hairstyles can look scary enough to make those around you frown heavily – who wants all that mess? With Terressa Murray’s “Corkscrew” Curly Hairstyle it’s sure to bring smiles your way. To create this hairstyle is fairly easy especially if you already have curly hair. You can twist the curls into place then poof out the back with your hair hairspray and go.

If your hair is straight there are products you can use to get that corkscrew look but that all depends on you which product you feel works best for this idea. Terresa Murray’s “Corkscrew” Curly Hairstyle is a sure fit for any event that you choose for the night. For more details on this hairstyle and to book your appointment with Terresa Murray, you can contact her at (850) 763-0883 or visit her website at https://universalsalons.com/hair-explosion/ There’s nothing like having a quick hairstyle to bring smiles on that night out or the upcoming business trip.


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