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There are those special events that require a certain, unforgettable look. When this need arises, may we suggest an elegant curly updo hairstyle like the one created here by Shamone Barnes, a professional hairstylist from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC. This hairstyle features slicked up sides and elegant curls in the top cascading over to the right side. Shamone also added three accent braids on the left side.

Stylist: Shamone Barnes
Salon: Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC
Salon Phone: (980) 494-3892
Model: Amelia
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Curly Updo Hairstyle for Black Women

Shamone Barnes created this hairstyle using synthetic hair extensions to help add volume in the top. Synthetic hair was chosen over human hair extensions because this look doesn’t need any heat added and it creates a cost saving alternative for her client. This curly updo hairstyle is designed to be changed often which is another reason synthetic hair is a great choice. It’s used to give more body to the top area of the hairstyle. The model’s natural hair is rodded in between the crochet hair. The hair additions also add a layer of protection, from the elements, over the model’s hair that lays underneath.

This is the perfect updo hairstyle for any special event or night out with the girls. The looks is easy to maintain and the hair additions can be quickly taken out. You will have an elegant curly updo hairstyle for your special event, and you’ll be ready to resume your corporate lifestyle afterward in no time at all.

Taking Care of This Curly Updo Hairstyle at Home

Shamone Barnes made it incredibly easy to maintain this gorgeous hairstyle at home also. Shamone says to spray on a leave in conditioner every day to keep the hair moisturized and keep the synthetic hair from matting. At night, just wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet. In the mornings, you could also use a pick to pull the curls apart or you could just go as-is.

Introducing Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC

Shamone Barnes is a professional hairstylist located at Salon Planted, 9605 N. Tryon St., Suite – L, in Charlotte, NC. Shamone is a healthy hair expert who creates every hairstyle with the health of her clients’ hair as a priority. She will meet with you and perform an in-depth consultation first and foremost. Her goal is to get a definite understanding of your desires, your lifestyle and your daily environment. Afterwards, Shamone Barnes will create a customized process that will give you the elegant hairstyle you want and keep your hair healthy at the same time.

If you want a beautiful, versatile look like this curly updo hairstyle, stop by the salon or give Shamone a call at (980) 494-3892. Let the talented staff at Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC work their magic for you.

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