The Surprising Secret to Hair Growth Using Finger Waves With Color

One of the greatest hairstyles Black women have used, over the years, to promote hair growth is the classic finger wave. Professional hairstylists have always known that finger waves are a go-to hairstyle for clients who are overcoming hair loss issues. Finger waves with color are low maintenance, last a long time, and seal in the moisture and nutrients your hair needs to grow. We asked one of the top professional hairstylists in the Black hair industry, for some tips on using a finger waves hairstyle to deal with hair loss. Morcia Bradley is a hair loss expert located at Miracle’s Hair Salon in Columbia, SC. For hair loss clients, she says finger waves have the added benefits of covering thin areas, rebuilding curl memory, and giving the hair time to get stronger.

Stylist: Morcia Bradley
Salon: Miracle’s Hair Salon
Salon Phone: (907) 350-1003
Model: Arlicia
Makeup: Chondra

The Perfect Finger Waves With Color Hairstyle for You

Morcia says that one of the best aspects of a classic finger waves hairstyle is the lack of heat needed. This gives a client whose hair is in the rebuilding stage time to let their hair heal without the harsh effects of intense heat very often. Because of the finger waves hairstyle’s ability to lock in moisture and nutrients, Morcia says she will generally see faster hair growth with her clients that utilize this type of look.

Adding Color Adds Flash to Your Finger Waves Hairstyle

Morcia Bradley isn’t content with just putting her model on the fast track to healthy hair, she needs them to look drop-dead gorgeous in the process. That is why Morcia decided to make these finger waves with color hairstyle. The added color highlights the ridges of the waves and adds a touch of flash to this classic hairstyle. The different hues of reds and browns were customized by Morcia to compliment her model’s natural features and personality. Morcia noted that the oil-infused permanent color she used added even more nutrients to her model’s hair.

Add a Precision Haircut to You Finger Waves With Color

To really create a specialized hairstyle for this model, Morcia started off with a precision haircut. The cut is tight on the sides and leaves an extra three inches of length in the top. Morcia also gave her model a color-safe relaxer and she used an alcohol-free gel to create the finger waves. The type of gel used is very important because alcohol could dry out your hair. The professional products Morcia Bradley used on this finger waves with color hairstyle left her model’s hair firm, not hard, with the moisture and nutrients needed to regain a healthy foundation.

How to Maintain Finger Waves at Night

This finger waves with color hairstyle is incredibly easy to maintain. Morcia Bradly recommends using a silk or satin cloth or bonnet to wrap your hair at night. If neither of these is available, you can use a satin pillowcase also. This hairstyle should last between one to two weeks with proper care.

Introducing Marcia Bradley from Miracle’s Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Morcia Bradley is a professional hairstylist and healthy hair care specialist. She is located at Miracle’s Hair Salon, 6800 Shakespeare Rd. in Columbia, SC. Stop by the salon and let Morcia create a healthy hair regimen for you. You can also give her a call at (907) 350-1003.

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  1. My hair is very fine naturally curly, what’s the best gel to use on my hair for Fingerwaves. I’m trying to get my hair to go back out of the pixie cut. I have always had long hair back then. Is Castor oil shampoo and Conditioner good for mg hair also?


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