This Long Curly Sew-In Hairstyle Is Elegant and Flirty at the Same Time

The long curly sew-in hairstyle is fantastic as it looks and feels very natural also. My professional hairstylist was Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA. It’s made from 100% human hair, which is soft, glossy, and easy to style. I’ve always wanted to have long, curly hair, and having a curly sew-in hairstyle allowed me to achieve this dream. The result looks and feels great. I’ve received many compliments from friends and family members on my new look also. This is the best my hair has looked in years, and I am very happy with the result. It has given me a newfound confidence. Booh Weave did an excellent job.

Salon: Hair ER Salon
Stylist: Booh Weave
Model: Rodneshia
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Long Sew-In Hairstyle for Black Women

It was quite time consuming to have a long curly sew-in hairstyle and took several hours to complete the look. However, I feel that it was worth it, Booh Weave at Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA were very friendly and helpful and explained what would happen at each stage of the procedure. Hair was sewn into my own hair using a special needle and thread. The hair used was similar to my own hair, so its very difficult to tell that I’ve had a sew-in hairstyle as it looks so natural.

Easy At-Home Styling

I’m able to shampoo, brush, and style my hair as I usually would, and the sew-in protects my own hair, which is braided underneath the hair additions also. This hairstyle looks attractive and has added volume to my hairstyle. This is an excellent type of hairstyle to get, especially if you’re going to a special event or night out, such as a wedding or party.

Utilize a Sew-in Maintenance Package

The long curly, sew-in hairstyle has allowed me to have lush, curly hair for two months. I had to return to the salon for a sew-in maintenance package also. Thankfully, I was surprised at how quick and easy having sewn-in extensions were, and I will definitely have this type of sew-in hairstyle again. I think that this hairstyle looks unique and would be great for any woman who likes to experiment with her hair also.


If you have short or straight hair and want to experiment with a new style, this long curly sew-in may be the perfect hairstyle for you. I decided to get this look as I’ve always had straight hair also. I wanted a new look for the summer vacation. Without a doubt, I was instantly happy with how my hair turned out. I have received so many compliments at work and from friends and family. This hairstyle makes me look and feel like a different person, and this has given me more confidence also.

I love the fact that the sew-in has been created using 100% natural human hair also. This blends in with my own hair and looks completely natural. If you’re searching for a natural look, don’t hesitate to get a long curly sew-in hairstyle. Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA can match this type of hairstyle to your natural hair also. It will give you added volume and beautiful bouncy curls, which are eye-catching.

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