You’ll Love This Curly Ombre Hairstyle for Black Women in 2020

Ombre hairstyles add an exciting dimension to any fashion ensemble. Professional hairstylist Gwendolyn Coxum from Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC added elegant beach wave curls to this red ombre hair color and created a fun, bouncy curly ombre hairstyle for black women that will look good in any professional or leisure setting. Ombres take your hair from a darker color at the root area to a lighter color on the ends. Gwendolyn Coxum started this ombre technique higher and closer to the root than usual. Gwendolyn used different hues of reddish-brown, semi-permanent hair color to create this look.

Stylist: Gwendolyn Coxum
Salon: Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC
Salon Phone: (919) 464-0355
Model: Whitney
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Curly Red Ombre Hairstyle for Black Women

The main aspect of this curly look is the custom ombre hairstyle completed by Gwendolyn Coxum from Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC. The salon is located at 1411 West Cumberland St. Gwendolyn created a customized shade of red that would perfectly accentuate her model’s complexion and facial features. The color alone makes this hairstyle stand out. Gwendolyn went even further and added some soft beach wave curls throughout the hairstyle. The combination of the customized hair color and the soft beach wave curls creates an exciting new curly red ombre hairstyle for black women that this model can wear for any occasion.

The Perfect Hairstyle for Those Transitioning to Relaxed Hairstyles

The trend to go natural has been raging for quite some time. We are finding a growing number of sophisticated black women who are choosing to either go back to having their hair relaxed or deciding to try relaxers for the first time. Relaxed hairstyle creates some benefits for black women in that they are generally easier to maintain, and they require fewer visits to the hair salon. This curly red ombre hairstyle is the perfect look for anyone choosing to re-enter the chemical process. This hairstyle is looks elegant, it is fun and flirty, and it’s a breeze to keep up.

Taking Care of Your Curly Ombre Hairstyle at Home

Gwendolyn Coxum created an at-home maintenance routine to help her model keep this curly red ombre hairstyle looking “salon fresh” between salon visits. This maintenance routine is created specifically for this model. Gwendolyn has an in-depth consultation with each of her clients before any procedure. This consultation guides Gwendolyn as she creates the look that will best fir her client’s desires, lifestyle, and environment. As she is creating this curly ombre hairstyle, Gwendolyn is explaining to her model each of the finishing products that she is using on her head. At the end of the service, Gwendolyn’s clients have a definite understanding of everything they need to do at home to keep their hair in shape.

For this model, Gwendolyn recommends simply wrapping the model’s hair at night with a silk or satin cloth and using the professional retail products Gwendlyn endorses to keep her hair healthy at home. Following this process, Gwendolyn says the model should be able to keep this look going for about two months with regular salon maintenance procedures.

Introducing Gwendolyn Coxum from Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC

Gwendolyn Coxum is a nationally published professional hairstylist located at Salon Hair forte in Dunn, NC. She is known for creating eye-catching hairstyles that will keep her client’s hair healthy also. Feel free to stop by the salon or give Gwendolyn a call at (919) 464-0355 and book your next appointment

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