This Long Sew In Hairstyle from Denise Granberry will Rock Your World

Business by Day, Fun at Night

This hairstyle gives a fun pop of color on the head without being too dramatic. A girl can look all business if she wants to, as the majority of the hair is left dark brown and from the back, no one will notice the colored pieces. But, when she wants to have fun, she can let the pink show. There is a good hit of pink in this hairstyle, and it is vibrant and beautiful. It will set a girl apart from everyone else because it is a unique hair look.

Salon: Global Tresses
Stylist: Denise Granberry
Model: Courtney
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Introducing Denise Granberry

There are a lot of ways a girl could get pink hair, and this is a great understated, and yet still visible, way to do that. A girl will feel confident when she has just the right amount of color in her hair like this. She can style her hair in braids, up in a ponytail, or in a variety of other ways that will allow the pink to show through. And, if she curls her hair, the pink will spread out and look great. The pink is put in professionally by Denise Granberry of Global Tresses. The salon is located in Fayetteville, NC and the phone number is (910)483-3870.

Style Versatility

Everyone who wants to add a bit of color to the hair but doesn’t want to be too bold with it will love how adding the pink will look with long sew in hairstyles. They will enjoy moving their hair around and letting it show. And they will be glad that they can make it appear professional when they need it to, as well. This is the perfect way to have fun with the hair without going too crazy. If someone hasn’t ever dyed their hair a color before and wants to try it out, then this style could be the perfect choice for them.

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