This Triple Ponytail Updo Hairstyle Will Take Your Breath Away

This stunning hairstyle takes three ponytails and intertwines them into one glorious updo. Updo hairstyles have always been the go-to look for any formal occasion because of their intricacy and eye-catching angles. Magnificent updos have graced the runways of the world’s largest fashion houses for many years. Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC created this triple ponytail updo hairstyle that looks both regal and trendy at the same time. Dee (as she is known in the black hair industry), used three separate ponytails, spaced evenly apart, and intertwined them to make this look. This updo hairstyle will look good in any formal setting and it is easy to maintain also.

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Onna
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Triple Ponytail Updo Hairstyle

This hairstyle is designed for the lady with serious hair length and they’re not afraid to show it off. If you’re in-between lengths right now and you don’t have the length required to achieve this look, no worries, Deirdre Clay can easily install some custom hair additions that will give you all the lengths you need also.  For this model, Dee added some synthetic hair additions in the top to give her the dimensions needed to complete this hairstyle. Dee chose some synthetic hair additions that would perfectly match her model’s natural grade of hair.  She used synthetic hair because this triple ponytail updo hairstyle was not going to require a lot of heat or an intricate curl pattern. Synthetic hair additions are perfect for a look like this.

Once the hair additions were added, Dee created three separate ponytails, spaced out evenly along the top of the hair. The ponytails were then connected to each other through molding and intertwining. The finished product is an intricately designed updo that flows along the top of the model’s head and winds its way down the back. The front of the hairstyle is highlighted by a beautiful pompadour that cascades over the model’s forehead also.

Intricate Designs on the Side

Along the sides of the hair, Dee added sophisticated designs in each part that separates the ponytails. The designs are created by taking pieces of the model’s hair from each side of the part and connecting them with rubber bands also. The result creates a beautiful compliment to the updo at the top.

Taking Care of This Triple Ponytail Updo Hairstyle at Home

Deirdre Clay has ensured that her model will be able to maintain this triple ponytail updo hairstyle at home. Dee created an at-home maintenance routine that will keep her model’s hair in tip-top shape for weeks also. She suggests that her client’s simply wrapping their hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet and then use some Influance Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray and Influance Twist & Lock Gel in the mornings. The oil sheen will give this updo luster and will combat dryness also. The twist and lock gel will keep those edges laid down and under control.

Introducing Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC

Deirdre Clay is one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the black hair care industry. Along with being a successful salon owner for over 20 years, Dee is also an accomplished makeup artist and platform artist. Stop by Wave Links today and let Deirdre clay work her magic for you. You can make an appointment online at or you can give dee a call at (910) 864-8777 also.

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