Tiffany Hudson’s Divine Wine Natural Blowout Hairstyle with Highlights

Salon: Crystal Clear Salon & Spa
Stylist: Tiffany Hudson
Model: Leola
Make Up: Chondra Wilson

This beautiful natural blowout hairstyle frames the face perfectly. You must have a medium hair length to start with. Next, take a medium sized curling iron and curl your entire head piece by piece. As for color, these black hairstyles start with black hair color and then add thin red highlights throughout the entire head with heavier red highlights at the bottom pieces of the hair, almost giving an ombre look but not quite as heavy. The bangs are curled to the side along with a straight side part. This will leave you with a gorgeous hairstyle that people will be jealous of.

This hairstyle was created by Durham NC hairstylist Tiffany Hudson. You can see more of Tiffany’s work here.

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