UniversalSalons.Com Gets 7 Black Hair Salons Featured in The October 2014 Issue of Hype Hair Magazine

Hype Hair October 2014

Hype Hair Magazine is one of the largest black hair publications in the world. Universal Salons has provided this and other mass market hair magazines with quality images for over 20 years. Recently 7 hair salons that utilize our photo shoot services were featured in the October 2014 issue of Hype Hair Magazine. All of the cosmetologist and hair salons featured are extremely artistic and talented as well as professional and knowledgeable. We want to take this time to congratulate Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC, Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Hair Salon in Cornelius NC, Tenika Brentley at Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville NC, Ashley Wheeler from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach FL, Paulette Edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC and De’Nisha Aiken from 4D Hair Studio in Ridgeland SC .

Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC

Ultimate Creations is a great salon for those who are really looking to add a bit of color into their hairstyle. Their hair care experts will help you achieve that look that you are really striving for. No longer will you have to try and get that color look at home with store bought brands. 

Salon Cheveux Hair Salon in Cornelius NC

Salon Cheveux is for the individual who really wants to think outside of the box with their hairstyle. Whether you are looking for pink in your hair, or an asymmetrical bob, Salon Chevuex has the right expertise for you. 

4D Hair Studio in Ridgeland SC

4D Hair Studio is a great black hair salon. This black hair salon will help to really get that black hairstyle that you are looking for. Black hairstyles aren’t the easiest to get done right, but 4D Hair Studio will be able to help you with this. 

Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach FL

When you are looking for black short hairstyles, Godly Image Hair Studio is the right pick for you. Black short hairstyles are tough to do, but this salon will really do a great job. 

Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville NC

Wave Links Hair Studio is committed to doing a great job when it comes to black hairstyles. Whether you are looking for a great a line hair cut, or a bob with royal blue highlights, this salon will help you to achieve the results that you are looking for. 

Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC

When you are searching through black hair salons, you may find that you are having a hard time finding exactly which one you should go with. Hair Infinity Wellness Salon is one of those salons that is truly among the best. The hairstyles that come out of this salon are truly among some of the best hairstyles out there today.

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