Tonisha Kenty’s Natural Half Up/Half Down Hairstyle

Salon: Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s
Stylist: Tonisha Kenty
Model: Dakeyzuhia
Make Up: Lori Miles

Braids have become one of the most popular hairdos in Crestview FL hair salons. They are not only easy to maintain but they also strengthen your hair and allow it to grow naturally. For this hairstyle, the braids are long and take on only one color. Though it is simple, it is best for going to the office and for professional look. This hairstyle allows for diversity and versatility as you can play around with it and style the lengthy braids. This black hairstyle can also be fun and attractive with half of it falling and the top half at the crown of your head remains held high. It is fun, adventurous, and despite giving a fuller hairdo, it remains light in weight.

Step by step guide on how to create the natural half up/down hairstyle
The following is a step-by-step guide on how to create this braid hairstyle by Tonisha Kenty. Before you get started, you need to ensure you have every tool, equipment ready, as well as three packets of braids.

Hair Preparation

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water
Rinse off the soapy water
Dry your hair and straighten it with a blow-drier. This will make it much easier to plait the braids neatly.

Creating the hairstyle

Segment the braids into medium-sized pieces

These braids will be used to plait your natural hair. Dividing them makes the easy to plait and it provides the necessary size of braids.

Start plaiting from the bottom of the head

Equally, divide a small section of your hair starting from the bottom of your head as you work your way to the top.

Plait with three strands all the way to the bottom of the braid

Attach the braid to your hair and plait it all the way to the bottom of the braid.
N/B: Repeat this process until all of your hair is braided.

Divide the braids at the crown of your head from the rest. Allow the bottom half to fall straight down.
Using a small hair band, hold the top part in position.
Twist the top part of the braids that was dangling around the crown of the head into a knot-like closure and hold it into position.
For those with baby hair, relax it to give a sexy and fine finish

This is one of the most popular black hairstyles in the market currently for women looking for simplicity with a sense of style and adventure. Doing it at home is the most hectic procedure for anyone to go through. It is tiring and time consuming. Instead, you should have a professional attend to it to bring out the best results and effect. Meet the creator, Tonisha Kenty, of the hairstyle at the Lady T’s Lovely Locs in Crestview, FL. You can also book an appointment before heading for the salon with the stylist or contacts her on (850) 543-8932. If you are looking for an adventurous hairstyle without going all out, this is ideal for you.

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