Top Hair Styles of 2011

The new year is almost here, but one thing that will be sticking around well beyond January 1 are 2011’s best black hair styles. Fashionistas, celebrities and other icons used styles that can be created in your local hair salons to make big statements in 2011, inspiring trendy new looks everyone can embrace. Which hair styles made a splash in 2011? Here are most-viewed hair styles of 2011.

admin-ajax (5)5. Caramel Hi-lights Silk Wrap
Marqeita G of Styling Pointe Hair Salon in Columbia, SC created this beautiful hair style.  This two-toned style features a base of ebony with rich caramel hi-lights layered on top. Glamorous enough for special occasions but manageable enough for everyday wear, the Caramel Hi-lights Silk Wrap features side bangs and layered curls that accent your face.  This hair style was created with a slik wrap. The back of the hair style is layered precisely with luscious curls, and the side bang will frame your face. This style is great for any season.

4. Short and Dramatic

admin-ajax (4)This bold, short style was created by Lashonda Howard of First Impressions Hair Salon in Ft. Walton Beach FL.  The hair style makes a statement with one eye covered by bangs and shortly trimmed hair around the back and sides of the head. Volumizing product gives lift to the longer hair at the crown, and long, feathery curls add a touch of alluring femininity. The back and sides were trimmed short at the hair salon, but the top was left long. Product was added to give volume, and the section of hair on the crown of the head has a lot of lift. The hair was styled to form short, feathery curls at the back of the head, where the hair was left slightly longer. The long bangs emerge seamlessly from the crown and fall asymmetrically over the forehead. They land softly on the face and cover one eye, giving drama to the style and emphasizing the wearer’s cheekbones. This style channels black hair styles and culture as a whole but is also refreshingly unique.

3. Purple Flair

admin-ajax (3)Excellent use of contrast characterizes this fun yet seductive look from Marcos Doss of Marcos Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC. This hair style appears simple and conservative from the rear, where the hair is long and straight, but a bold accent of purple in the front conveys forward-thinking complexity. The purple streak is part of a gorgeous, long curl of hair on the right side of the face, while the left offers a short, elegant curl that sticks close to the skin. This original style, however, is short and sleek with a hint of gorgeous purple in the front where the bang area flips softly and naturally to the side. She has a slight wisp on the shorter side which accents the neatly shaped style. This trendy asymmetrical cut is a one-of-a-kind that is sexy, creative and fun. Trendy yet unique, dazzling yet fun, this style is a winner.

2. Sleek and Tapered Razor Cut

admin-ajax (2)If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to manage any dramatic style created in hair salons, this style will alleviate your concerns. This modern cut from Freda Barnes of Xpressions Hair Salon in Tallahasse, FL offers femme fatale appeal thanks to mid-length hair at the crown that flows into sculpted bangs. Using a razor on the sides and back of the head provides a sleek look to draw attention to your face and volume-rich hair at your crown. To achieve this look, the back and sides are cut ultra-close while the crown and bangs are left longer. Leaving volume at the crown creates a full, thick look. The bangs are carefully sculpted with a scissor to create a wispy, feathered look. The long bangs frame your face and hit at the eyes. The best part – there’s virtually no maintenance required!

1. Cascading Curls

admin-ajax (1)And the most viewed style for 2011 was created by Lateasha Damon from Exclusive Designs Hair Salon in Florence, SC. This cut is fit for a queen, with elegant curls flowing down the back just past shoulder-length. A high crown of tight curls adorns the top of the head, while short strands above the forehead provide an unobstructed view of the face. Dramatic yet classy.







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