Universal Salons Get Over 40 Models Published in the June / July 2014 Issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Style and Care Guide

Editor’s Note: Congratu;ations to all of the talented cosmetologist featured in this issue…

Katrina Ammons, Denise Granberry, Jackie Evans, Terrill Allison, Nancy Hamilton, Ebony Curtis, Ms. Jackee, Shontelise Crutch, kera Foster, Tiffany Cunningham, Alvienia Middleton, Priscilla Mendez, Mikko Boyd, Fela Minor, Deirdre Clay, and Staci Bradshaw

Chic and on the pulse of what’s new and happening, Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide offers a profusion of polish and panache to its readers on a monthly basis. They are a leader in black hair care and we are so excited that they have chosen to feature our fabulous cosmetologist’s work in their June / July issue.. 

Sixteen of our extraordinary cosmetologist have caught their eye and are showcased on their pages. Peruse the June 2014 addition and keep your eyes peeled for Katrina Ammons’ eye catching bobs, sassy sweeps, and provocative curls. Denise Granberry has a flair for long hair! She’s great with short hair, but makes magic with long. However if you are adventurous Jackie Evans can design a magnificent Mohawk that’ll set you apart from the crowd! Terrill Allison’s talented touch will lavish fierceness on your long tresses. While Nancy Hamilton will devote her skills to spicing up your everyday look. She is gifted with color! Ebony Curtis is also a wiz with color and will take your look anywhere from daring to dazzling, so what are you up for? Ms. Jackee’s soft fluid curls will take any lady’s look to the ultimate of femininity. Simply put, consult Shontelise Crutch for that dynamic and cutting-edge look. Yes, it’s just that simple! Kera Foster has an inspired instinctive way with curls and Tiffany Cunningham can match that inspiration with her command of the short bob. How exciting, each of these stylists creates captivating coiffures consistently. Alvienia Middleton’s styles are the meeting of imagination and ingenuity. While Priscilla Mendez’s styles shout sleek sophistication. Mikko Boyd’s vivacious curls will charm and captivate. Whereas Fela Minor’s versatile talent can brilliantly escort you from curls to braids. Deirdre Clay has an inventive and sophisticated touch and Staci Bradshaw’s styles are fierce, fun, and fabulous! All of these stylists are skillful artists within their field; each sharing the commonality of passion, pop, and pizazz! They shine within their field, each enjoying boundless talent and vivid creativity. 

So how’s that for a sweet sixteen? These words just don’t do them justice. So we urge you to catch a glimpse of their work firsthand. We’re so proud of them! We are assured by the magnitude of their efforts that a fantastic future lies in wait. Each is a gifted artist in their own right filled with innovation and creativity; we expect that their greatest creation remains ahead. 


Featured hairstyles from Katrina Ammons

Featured hairstyles from Denise Granberry

Featured hairstyles from Jackie Evans

Featured hairstyle from Terrill Allison

Featured hairstyles from Nancy Hamilton

Featured hairstyle from Ebony Curtis

Featured hairstyle from Ms. Jackee

Featured hairstyle from Shontelise Crutch

Featured hairstyle from Kera Foster

Featured hairstyle from Tiffany Cunningham

Featured hairstyle from Alvienia Middleton

Featured hairstyle from Priscilla Mendez

Featured hairstyle from Mikko Boyd 

Featured hairstyle from Fela Minor


Featured hairstyle from Deirdre Clay 

Featured hairstyle from Staci Bradshaw


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  1. I appreciate that you have these pictures up of new hairstyles and old ones. Sometimes I like to do throwback looks, but I don’t have my old magazines. Keep up the good work!


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