UniversalSalons.Com’s First Ever “BATTLE OF THE CITIES” Hairstyle of the Week!

This week we decided to have a little more fun than usual. UniversalSalons.Com is recognized as the worldwide leader in black hairstyles galleries and this week we’re showcasing our newest hairstyle trends. We’re featuring beautiful hairstyles from the Tampa, FL and Fayetteville, NC areas. These hairstyles were created by an exceptional accumulation of talented cosmetologist from some of the top hair salons in North Carolina and Florida. Not only are these hairstyles available for the poll, they are also on the cutting edge for hot looks in the summer 2014 season. So while you’re voting, make sure you take time to search for your perfect vacation hairstyle.

This week when you vote for your favorite look, the home city for the hair salon that created the look will get a vote as well. So each vote for your favorite hairstyle will be a vote for that hairstyle and the home city of that particular hair salon. Look over all of the hairstyles featured in the poll below and click on the circle ABOVE the model you choose. Make sure you click the VOTE button at the bottom of the poll.

Good luck to all of our talented cosmetologist and models… Clarese Andrews, Denise Granberry, Stacy Viktora, Fredricka Taylor, Deirdre Clay, Marcus Doss, Quanshanna Lewis, Tawanna Robinson-Thomas, Leslie Boykin, Cora Saxton. Terrill Allison, Ms. Kriss, Micheline Barber, Shanna Cato, Felicia “Potege” Bristol and Ife’ Davis-Bailey.


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