Kid’s “Sunshine” Ponytail from Shae Thompson

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Shae Thompson
Model: Sierra
Make Up: Tracie Esmond

If you want your daughter to look as adorable as a Barbie doll, then you must be willing to put aside some time to do her hair. One of the most presentable and fashion forward kid’s hairstyle is the Kid’s “Sunshine” Ponytail. This hairstyle was created by Shae Thompson from A. Heavenly Place in Hair Salon in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

The Kid’s “Sunshine” Ponytail from Shae Thompson is not your average ponytail. This kid’s hairstyle is an improved version of the classic pigtail ponytail. It carries with it a touch of class and style allowing the kid to appear well put together and very confident. The ponytail is neat on completion. The hair color allows people to play around with it creatively.

How it is done
The hairstyle involves the following basic steps.

Divide the hair vertically into two equal portions, the left and the right. The division should be made with a zigzag line that cuts right between her head.
Take one section and securely hold it in place.
Do the same to the other section.
The overhanging hair is then dyed to a preferred color.
At the base of the hair, where it was fastened, fix the extension.
The extension should be secure to prevent it from moving out of place.

The Kid’s “Sunshine” Ponytail from Shae Thompson is an easy style to pull off. The hairstyle can be dressed to suite the occasion. In addition to this, the hair color is also optimal. This kid’s sunshine ponytail is perfect for girls with relatively long hair. This allows for the styling of the hair as well as for dying the front hair.

For more information on this kid’s hairstyle, contact Shae Thompson via (850) 243 2297. You can also use this number to book an appointment with Shae to have your daughter’s ponytail done.

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