Ursula Kershaw’s Beautiful Afro Hairstyle with Twists

What a perfect and fashionable afro. Power and confidence pour from this style effortlessly because of the elegant styling. Ursula Kershaw of The Studio has taken the afro that many African American beauties dawn and added a trendsetting twist. As a professional stylist, your job is to take the beauty of each client and highlight it. Afros are certainly crowns of glory and beauty therefore allowing a professional hair stylist like Ursula Kershaw create your look is a must.

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Katrena
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Afro Hairstyle with Twist

To gain this afro, Ursula effortlessly added kinky hair into the cornrows also giving cultural drama in the best possible way! Women of color are known to bring both the class and sass. Nothing shows that quite like this elegant braided afro. Ursula has braided kinky hair into the afro making it look as natural as her own therefore created a perfect look. Want to elevate the style even more? Ursula had another subtle surprise up her sleeve. There are highlights of browns added into the kinky hair. This blend of color can be how you desire, as vibrant or blended as you may choose. With this type of hair, you can make the afro as big and exaggerated as you may choose. What is even better is the sheer low maintenance of the do. From gym to party, this look is appropriate.  There are several ways to add your own style to this do. You may change the type of hair or even the pattern of cornrows to tailor to your individual style. With the experience and capable hands of Ursula, you should have no issue making it fit your personal style.

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Introducing Ursula Kershaw from The Studio

The Studio of Charleston South Carolina is where you can find the wonderful skills of Ursula Kershaw. Ursuala is not spring chicken to the hair world. She has solidified her place as a hair general over the years. Her innovative takes on classic styles keeps her relevant.  If you are ready to let your afro glow or to make an afro, book now t the universalsalon.com website.

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