What Everybody Ought To Know About Human Loc Extensions

Human loc extensions give you the ability to have long luscious locs without taking the time needed to grow out of your own hair. These hair additions have the added benefit aiding in the growth of your own hair also. The locs in these images are customized loc extensions made from afro-human hair additions. This particular hairstyle was created specifically for this model by Shamone Barnes, a professional hairstylist from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC.

Stylist: Shamone Barnes
Salon: Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC
Salon Phone: (980) 494-3892
Model: Lakesha
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Customized Human Loc Extensions

Shamone created these locs after a detailed consultation with her model. During their consultation, Shamone created a detailed healthy haircare plan. This will create the type of long flowing locs her model desired and keep her hair healthy. Shamone chose to use the wrap technique to apply these permanent human loc extensions also. The wrapping technique takes the human hair additions and wraps them around the model’s own hair. This creates a more natural look and it blends in with the density and texture of the model’s hair also. Using the wrap technique to install the human loc extensions also aids the model’s natural hair growth.

Trust a Professional to Make the Right Choices

These locs were made with afro-human hair that precisely matches the characteristics of the model’s hair. Choosing the right texture hair additions is an extremely important step in installing human loc extensions also. If you use the wrong kind or the wrong amount, you could end up adding too much hair. This could lead to some serious problems down the road also. Adding too much hair or incorrectly parting the hair could add stress to the model’s scalp and hair as her own hair gets longer over time. The increased weight added to the incorrectly applied hair additions could lead to traction alopecia also. Always trust a professional like Shamone Barnes to determine the correct ratio between your own hair and the number of additions needed.

Hand Made Human Loc Extensions for a Perfect Look

The human loc extensions created during this installation were specifically for this model’s environment and lifestyle. Everything was customized for this model, from the size of the partings to the length and texture of the human hair additions used. Charlotte, NC professional hairstylist Shamone Barnes is an expert at understanding the different variables that will make this human loc extensions hairstyle stand out also. Shamone uses her expert knowledge and professional techniques to create a masterpiece for her model.

Taking Care of This Hairstyle at Home

The most important aspect to keeping this hairstyle in top form, as well as keeping your own hair healthy while you wear it, is to regularly clean and moisturize your scalp. Shamone recommends using a daily scalp oil and regular in-salon maintenance routines for her clients. This process should keep your hairstyle looking gorgeous for about four to five weeks.

Shamone also points out that it’s very important to wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet. Stay away from cotton pillowcases. Locs attract lint and cotton pillowcases will embed lint into your hairstyle.

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