Little Known Secrets to Achieve the Best Hair Color for Black Women

Hair color ideas are a sensual mixture of technology and art. The right hairstylist can create a customized color formulation that will transform your look. It could give you a new lease on life. The tricky part is getting that new color in a way that gives you the precise look you wanted. It also and keeps your hair healthy at the same time. Morcia Bradley, a professional hairstylist located at Miracles Hair Salon in Columbia, SC is an expert at formulating the best hair color for Black women. She created just such a look in this blonde and red ensemble for her model. Morcia used her in-depth knowledge of color theory and professional styling techniques to create this stunning hair color.

Stylist: Morcia Bradley
Salon: Miracle’s Hair Salon
Salon Phone: (907) 350-1003
Model: Mekaela
Makeup: Chondra

Tips on Creating the Best Hair Color for Black Women

Morcia’s top suggestion for achieving the perfect hair color is to have an in-depth consultation with your hairstylist. All hair is different. With the complex color formulas today, you can’t expect to get your perfect look straight from a box. You need to rely on a professional that has a definite understanding of your wants and needs. They also need to be aware of your daily environment. A professional hairstylist like Morcia Bradley will use that information to create a hair color that will achieve your goals. It also won’t damage your hair in the process.

The model featured here has had a triple process, high lift color on relaxer free hair. Morcia added an extra splash of color by adding some red 3-dimensional color on the left side. To do this, she used hair additions and micro links. To get the color, Morcia used different blends of honey, beige, and blonde hues. She also used a custom color formulation to create the vibrant red in the hair additions.

Proper Preparation Makes the Style

To ensure that her model’s hair will stay healthy, Morcia applied a conditioning treatment between each color process. Morcia’s hair color technique created a soft blonde hair color that dances around the pin curls throughout the hairstyle. Once the model’s hair color was perfected, it was time to create a special blend of reds for the hair additions added to the left side.

Use Micro Links For Easy Installation and Removal of Accent Pieces

Morcia decided to use a micro link process to apply the vibrant red hair additions. Micro links pull the client’s hair into the hair additions and are applied with a ring and then it is sealed down with a tool. This ensures that the hair additions will stay in place and it makes it incredibly easy to remove them when needed. Just stop by the salon and your stylist can use the same tool and take the micro links out without doing any damage to your hair.

Tips to Maintain the Best Hair Color for Black Women

Morcia gave us one more secret to keeping your hair color vibrant and healthy. To truly have the best hair color for Black women, you should make regular salon visits either weekly or bi-weekly to receive alternating protein and hydration treatments. This will maintain the texture, integrity, and porosity of the hair.  It also protects against breakage or damage. When you’re ready for awesome hair color, give Morcia a call at (907) 350-1003.

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