Who Will Earn the Title “People’sChoice Hairstyle”? You Are the Judge

Who Will Earn the Title “People’sChoice Hairstyle”? You Are the Judge

*** Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Leona Burnsfrom Beauty N U Salon in Darlington, SC for winning the “People’s Choice Hairstyle. Leona will be presented with an 8×10 graphic simular to the one shown to commemorate her achievement. ***

Whenever you look through the pages of the largest black hair magazines in the United States, it is very likely that you will see images created through one of the many professional hair salon photo shoots produced by UniversalSalons.Com. Our mission at UniversalSalons.Com is to be the best marketing tool for hair salons across the world. To achieve that mission, we are honored to have earned a reputation as one of the most published hair photographers in the industry.

” … if you see a hairstyle you like, contact the hair salon and set up your next appointment.”Many of the images you will see in these magazines were created at our professional hair salon photo shoot in Columbia, SC. We worked with 12 of the top cosmetologists in the black hair industry to create these images. Many of these hairstyles have already graced the pages of Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. These hairstyles have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on our website, UniversalSalons.Com, as well.

” … if you see a hairstyle you like, contact the hair salon and set up your next appointment.”

Click here to see our list of hair salons from the Columbia, SC area.

The editors at UniversalSalons.Com have decided to give the people a voice in the discussion of which one of these hairstyles is the most appealing. Instead of just listening to the editors of the large hair publications, lets see what the public thinks. That’s why we created the UniversalSalons.Com “People’s Choice Hairstyle” Award. This award will be awarded to the cosmetologist from our photo shoot in Columbia, SC that receives the most votes from Monday August 6th, 2018 until 12:00am Monday August 13th, 2018.

As you’re voting in the poll, if you see a hairstyle you like, and you happen to live in or around the Columbia, SC area, contact the salon that created the look and let them know you appreciate their work.

Congratulations in advance to these talented professional cosmetologists: Nakia Boykin, Kevin Quattlebaum, Octavia Bonnette, Leona Burns, Mel Wright, Shana Lucky, Celestine Lee Rutherford, Speedy Hendrix, Devante Brasley-Green, Jacqard Daniels, and Brittany Woods-Brown.


** We know that some people will try to vote more than once. There is no way to completely stop this so we have decided to allow everyone to vote as many times as they like. **
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32 comments on “Who Will Earn the Title “People’sChoice Hairstyle”? You Are the Judge
  1. Leslie Gibson says:

    Leona Burns should definitely win

  2. Kendra Ceaser says:

    Leona Burns is the best hands down!!

  3. April Kennedy says:

    Shana lucky should most definitely win!!!

  4. La Quinta Jacobs says:

    Octavia Bonnette is without a doubt my top choice!

  5. Trisa says:

    Leona Burns the best and y’all know it !!!!!

  6. Tiesha Burns says:

    Leona Burns…. let’s get this WIN hun

  7. Charta Gibbs-Covington says:

    Leona Burns

  8. Tammy Green says:

    Shana Lucky is favorite.

  9. April Huggins says:

    Shana Lucky most definitely

  10. Sharese says:

    My vote is for Octavia hands down..

  11. Tk Golson says:

    Aunt Lonie aint never did my hair but she have me wanting to do some things to my girl when she finish with her head….the best hands doen

  12. Tk Golson says:

    Aunt Loni never did my hair but when she do my girl hair..she have me wanting to do some miraculous things to my girl…Leona Burns the best hands doowwnn

  13. Shameka Williams says:

    Leona Burns has done my hair and her work speaks for itself! She’s very down to earth and professional . I’d recommend any and everyone to her.

  14. Theresa Ervin says:

    Leona Burns is the best. !!!!

  15. Darlene Norman says:

    Leona Burns is AWESOME!!

  16. NOYB says:

    her work speaks for itself ! Leona Burns hands down

  17. Celestine Gibson says:

    My sister has very blessed n talented hands,she most definitely got this n the bagggg!!!

  18. Quatesha Muldrow says:

    Leona burns is a great beautician!!!! She also specializes in not just making your hair beautiful but also healthy!!!

  19. Mikk Mikk says:

    My girl Leona Burns should definitely get this award best stylist in Dtown can do any style you with. Love my girl been rocking with her over 15 years she’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Starr says:

    I love your short hair styles. Good luck and I hope you win.Leona Burns ( will be coming to you soon)

  21. Franscea Duckson says:

    Leona Burns the best stylist in Darlington SC never a dull moment and she is very professional and takes real good care of her clients! I love me some her!

  22. LaRonda Flynn says:

    Leona spirit is so humble and the love she has for her clients shows through her work and brings beauty to each of us she’s the best

  23. Jazz Green says:

    Leona is a great stylist and people person❤️‼️

  24. Shannon Smith says:

    Leona Burns , no she not lucky she just blessed . Gifted hands .

  25. Rukiya says:


  26. Toranda robinson says:

    Leona is a beast !! She cares about her clients!! And the well being of your hair !! I’m always satisfied love ❤️ her !! She keeps a smile on my face

  27. Demetrice says:

    Leona is the absolute best Beautician

  28. Demetrice says:

    You got this Leona

  29. Shakima Dundy says:

    Leona Burns is a great beautician! Always puts her clients first and make sure they always get up from her chair satisfied! She definitely deserves this….GIFTED!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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