Beautiful Silk Press Natural Kid’s Hairstyle from Dominique Blount

When you need a natural silk press hairstyle for one of your kid’s hairstyles, you don’t need to look further than this ‘do. Your girl will be so happy to have a style that just flows so naturally. It is truly a no maintenance bob situation.

Stylish and Easy to Manage

Salon: Prime Hair Studio
Stylist: Dominique Blount
Model: Ava
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Most of your kid’s friends will be asking how she got her hair so smooth and manageable. The truth is, kids’ hairstyles are just as important as adults. It is hard to manage hair as a child and that’s why this hair will be a delight for your daughter.

The middle part in this hair is very flattering. It brings out the symmetry of the child’s face. The child will be looking sharp in all of her pictures. This cut is a little longer in the back. That will give it room to grow out a little bit. You can always straighten the hair growing out at the top in the morning for your daughter before school.

It’s All in the Cut

The front of the hair is nicely rounded into the face. It frames the face perfectly and gives off cute vibes. A person doesn’t have to look long to see that this classic cut is really ideal for any girl.

Introducing Dominique Blount from Prime Hair Studios

If you have decided this is the style for your daughter, it is time to book with the stylist that created this look. Her name is Dominique Blount and she works at Prime Hair Studios in Pensacola, FL. Just call the salon’s phone number at (850) 430-9810. You will be so happy that you did so. It’s perfect for your plans during the school year or the summer. A short bob is a natural looking choice for a girl. She will be very happy with the cut as well, and that’s the most important part of all. She will come away looking just like the picture

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