“Young Shadow”Curly Hairstyle from Priscilla Mendez

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Priscilla Mendez
Model: Brittlyn
Make Up: Ms. Jackee


The beauty industry has various hairstyles that add beauty and glamour in women. One of this hairstyles is Ombre, adopted from the French name for shade. The hairstyle has a unique characteristic; it is a multi-color hairstyle. From the hairs roots it is dark colored while turning out to be lighter and blond as to reach the hair’s bottom.
The hairstyle can offer a contracts that is subtle or more dramatic. Many women prefer this hairstyle due to its uniqueness while also creating a fashion statement. It is also preferred as it extends the time between salon appointments.

How to Create  this Young Shadow Curly Hairstyle

Start by getting the right tools and equipment to get those curls. A curling iron or rollers offer the required degree of curliness giving your hair that flowing look. After washing your hair, use two large rollers to separate the hairs. After drying the hair, use the rollers to get those supper definite curls.
A curling iron comes in handy for the hair that is really straight and requires to be curled. While using this beauty equipment, ensure your hair is completely dry before starting the curling process. A little hairspray may be applied on the hair in or to hold the curls.
Wearing those curls requires some techniques. Let the hair roll down ensuring that those ringlets flow. The hair should just reach the shoulders and you can use a little mousse and spray to keep the curls in place.
This hairstyle has become the trending hairstyle in the world and is used by female celebrities in the music scene. Our salon boasts of experts who have been trained in hair beauty and are known to come up with different hair styles preferred by our clients. This style was created by Priscilla Mendez from All About You Salon and Boutique in Phoenix, AZ. Phone number (623) 334-8855.

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