Layered Bob Haircut from Evonda Watson

Salon: Mr. & Mrs. Malibu Hair Salon
Stylist: Evonda Watson
Model: Malaysia
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

Amongst some of the black hairstyles that are gaining popularity in the market is the layered bob haircut. This haircut comes with some simplicity but at the same time gives you a fuller feel and beautiful appearance. Its layered feature adds a touch of glamour that is outstanding.

Step-by-step Guide to create the Layered Bob Haircut
After cleaning your hair and straightening it, you will need to purchase two hair extensions black in color. This should be of the same hair length. As one of the best medium hairstyles for black women, the following is a guide on how to create it.

Part your hair leaving out the crown

Part some hair at the crown, just enough to cover the hair extension. Make sure it is at the side to help style your hair later once it is done.

Plait some lines with the rest of the hair

With the rest of the hair, plait some lines from top to bottom. Ensure that they are not too far away from each other to leave your hair neat.

Attach the extensions

Attach the extensions to the plaited hair. Ensure that you spread them out evenly to ensure that the hair does not leave out any spaces. Once it is done, you will notice that the hair will form at least two layers.

Trim the back

Trim the back hair to ensure that the hair is just above your neckline while the side hair retains its neckline length.

Drop the hair at the crown

Drop the hair at the crown and comb it into the rest of your hair. Segment it diagonally thus leaving a side cut.

Tong the bottom of your hair

It is important that you tong the bottom part of your hair to fold the hair in which you create a fancy finish.

Style as desired

Oil your hair and style it as you wish.

Rather than do this on your own, you can visit the Phoenix area hair salons and have a professional work with you. This haircut is a creation of Evonda Watson from Mr. & Mrs. Malibu Hair Salon in Mesa, AZ. Using her phone number 480.964.0699, book an appointment and experience the best and outstanding results.

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