9 Most Attractive Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles for 2020

What is one thing women and girls all over the world have in common? We simply love braids. Braids and braiding techniques come in many forms, from a box or micro braids to protective styles and cornrows! Many natural braiding styles exist in the world. Some styles closely relate to each other. One thing for certain is braids will never be a thing of the past. The names may change, variations my change, but braids are here, and we are used to it. This is why we asked our editors to dig deep into our gallery of over 6,000 black hairstyles images to find the “9 Most Attractive Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles You Need to See”.

Braids have certainly solidified their rightful place in the hearts of women across the years…and by the years, I mean THOUSANDS of years. Braiding dates back at least 5000 years ago in African Culture and has spread its way around the world. Now you can find braids in almost every culture and they are well appreciated.  

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Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles are Trendsetting Forms of Expression

2nd View: Long Box Braids Hairstyle
Salon: Hair Joy by Mae / Stylist: Dmaedra Lewis / Model: Amanda / Make Up: Dierdre Clay

Women of every type at some point in her life have probably rocked braids. The benefits of going with braids are undeniable ranging from convenience to Pure Dopeness! Braids have been dawned by so many women to show edginess, class, power, and strength and even youth!

Lemonade braids also are known as side cornrows and tribal braids, already have its fanbase of people that love them. Surely it did not hurt their popularity when megastar, Beyoncé, sported them in her historic record/movement entitled Lemonade. And, well, let’s face it, ever since then, they have been collectively called Lemonade Braids.

This style is comprised of sideways and stylish cornrow braids. These cornrow styles can be extremely intricate, or even chic, classy and simple. The signature for Lemonade braids is crisp and clean parts and extra-long hang time of the braids. Last but far from least, the baby hair is important in having genuine Lemonade Braids. Now that you know a few ins and outs of lovely Lemonade Braids, choose your new hot summer do! Here are 9 of the Top Hottest Lemonade Braids and Braid Hairstyles!

Long, Lemonade Braid Extensions from Jameka Davenport

If you love positive looks and attention, then this Lemonade Braid style by Jameka Davenport of Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio in Ft. Walton Beach Florida, is perfect for you! Sticking true with the signatures of Lemonade Braids, this look has loads of excitement.

Lemonade Braids for Black Women
Salon: Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio / Stylist: Jameka Davenport / Model: Jaleriah / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Instead of your ordinary straight parts, Jameka jazzed it up with triangle parting and feeder braids to connect the cornrows. The uniqueness does not end there. Beautiful royal blue hair is also added in for the burst of color to make your look your own. Lastly, the fun continues with hair accessories such as yarn or decorative thread to be added in to make your Lemonade braids, truly your own.  

Lemonade Braid with Unicorn Colors from Pamela Webster

Pamela Webster has birthed a look that screams HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME! Be edgy, be bold, be you in a look as unique as multicolored Lemonade Braids style. Pamela Webster of GBM3 in Mobile Alabama has set a new youthful trend.

Lemonade Braids Unicorn Color
Salon: GBM3 / Stylist: Pamela Webster / Model: Arynn / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Be one of the firsts to rock this fresh spin full of color and vibrancy. But wait, there is a surprise here. These are not your ordinary cornrows. These are cornrowed with vibrant and colored hair wrapped around the cornrow. No need to color your hair.  This fresh take can be specialized for you, by incorporating your favorite colors and hair accessories. This look features green, purples, blue and red, but don’t let the color limit you. You can specialize the hairstyle for yourself.

Long Micro Braid Hairstyle with Color from Dorrinda Jeffery

Micro braids are here and still ticking. The braids featured by stylist Dorinda Jeffrey of Ambiance Beauty Salon are flawless. With clean, tiny, uniformed braids, Dorina flexes her braiding technique with these midlength micros shines. Highlights of honey brown and light brown give these low-maintenance braids life.

Long Micro Braid Hairstyle

Micros like these are perfect for the convenience of the summer months, protective styles, versatility, and fashion!

Long Micro Braid Hairstyle from Dorrinda Jeffrey

Ready for another look at the professional work of Dorinda Jeffrey? Feast your eyes on these microbraids. Crisp, clean and simple is sometimes more than enough. It would be easy to take this look to the board room or into a night dip in the pool. The technique is what is definitely the star of this style.  

Long Micro Braid Hairstyle

Tiny clean braids are not easy to achieve, yet Dorinda has delivered a double dose. Again, these micro are well polished, symmetrical and ready for some summertime fun. Let these braids hang, ponytail, or throw it in a cute bun…either way, you will slay the day!

Natural Hair & Locs Hairstyle from Nacole Brown

Nacole Brown from Co Co’s Natural Hair Salon has dished out a lock style that gives us heart eyes!!! Natural hair is about expression and uniqueness. When those two elements collide with fashion, you will get a look like this.

Natural Hair & Locs Hairstyle
Salon: Co Co’s Natural Hair Salon / Stylist: Nacole Brown / Model: Maria

As natural as these locs look, these are faux locs, which means these are an extension. Nacole’s professional skills make the blend of the locs look nothing but natural. After the hair is braided in and locs wrapped, Nacole adds a design on the top to give dimension to the locs. The side pony looks so effortless but in fact, it is strategically placed to give the feel that the hair was just thrown up and feel that way. 

Felix McNeill’s Cornrowed Underhand Braided Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle with a Hair Color

Now, this look is what you call vintage fusion! A bob and braids are two for the oldest styles in the book. Yet, when they come together like this, you have a modern spin that is to die for. These are borderline Lemonade braids considering that they have side cornrows. They are shorter, but they are still way cute.

Cornrowed Underhand Braided Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle with a Hair Color
Salon: Beauty and Beyond / Stylist: Felix A. McNeill / Model: KHRISTIAN

This look is for those that like the classic feel, with an edge. The Asymmetric lines are the fun part of this bob. The splash of blue here is beautiful, but you can customize it to fit your flavor. Contact Felix McNeil of  Beauty and Beyond of Franklinville NC.

Natural Braids and Twist Hairstyle from “Chi Chi” Sims

Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio is the home of Stylist Chi Chi Sims. If you are in love with these rope twists like we are, then do not waste any time booking your hot summer style with Chi Chi. She has created a long rope twist natural look that is head-turning.

Natural Braids and Twist Hairstyle
Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio / Stylist: “Chi Chi” Sims / Model: JaNae / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The outer perimeter is highlighted with platinum blonde hair for fun. These colors are up to change for what you prefer. Let these long tresses work for your styling needs!

Eggplant Patra Long Braids Hairstyle from Shontelise Crutch

Latoya Brown is no rookie to slaying hair, but we must say she has outdone herself with this Eggplant Patra medium length box braids. You may want different colors for your swag, but this color is hot and a hot commodity for 2019!

Eggplant Patra Long Braids Hairstyle
Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio / Stylist: Latoya Brown / Model: Shontelise / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The braids are styled with a swoop over that gives volume in the front. But do not let the ideas stop here, you can customize these purple Patra braids into a bun, ponytail, corn-rowed styles or much more. The options are endless.

Long Box Braids Hairstyle from Dmaedra Lewis

Nothing brings out the inner youth like box braids. As a result, many black women wore braids, probably even box braids as young girls, but Dmaedra Lewis of Hair Joy by Mae in Fayetteville NC is the grown and sexy version of the hairstyle we loved growing up.

Long Box Braids Hairstyle
Salon: / Stylist: Dmaedra Lewis / Model: Amanda / Make Up: Dierdre Clay

Dmaedra achieved this look on a model with a short cut of and hair about an inch long. First of all, her braiding skills are amazing. Dmaedra is a professional natural stylist and full cosmetologist, also. She delivered a modernized micro braid style. These extensions are waist length medium size box braids. With crisp, sharp parts, these braids are well polished and ready for attention, also. The biggest mistake of braiders is the lack of uniformed braids. Dmaedra is careful to make sure each braid is symmetrical to the next. This is how you come out with the hair slayed! She finished the fun with gold hair clips for the culture and the trend, also! Book your appointment with Dmaedra Lewis by contacting her via 919-504-4225.

UniversalSalons.Com Presents Lemonade Braids and Natural Hairstyles

No matter what your swag, flavor or style is, Universal Salons has given you the hottest Top 9 Lemonade Braids and Natural Hairstyles. You can choose what works for you, or you can go through the whole list and rock every lemonade braid and braids hairstyles. Book your appointment with the talented professional who created these looks to be blessed by the hands of any stylist on this list. Stay tuned for the future hottest styles and top stylists, brought to you by Universal Salons.


How do you take care of your braids hairstyle?

  1. Wrap the hair

    Dr. Airaina Griffith-Knight says the best way to take care of your braids hairstyle is to wrap your hair in a silk or satin cloth every night.

  2. Moisturize

    Using a daily moisturizer will keep the hair healthy. Dr. Griffith-Knight suggests adding to the daily moisturizer with an in-salon scalp treatment every two weeks.

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  1. The Locs!!! Not just a natural look but it’s Really Natural and more and more ppl are embracing them!! It wins hands down bc of the versatility and Yes he uniqueness I think it is appreciated That much more when adorned!! Dope stylist like the one featured is my choice. Nacole Brown


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