9 Most Attractive Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles for 2021

2nd View: Long Box Braids Hairstyle
Salon: Hair Joy by Mae / Stylist: Dmaedra Lewis / Model: Amanda / Make Up: Dierdre Clay

What is one thing women and girls all over the world have in common? We simply love braids. Braids and braiding techniques come in many forms, from a box or micro braids to protective styles and cornrows! Many natural braiding styles exist in the world. Some styles closely relate to each other. One thing for certain is braids will never be a thing of the past. The names may change, variations may change, but braids are here, and we are used to it. This is why we asked our editors to dig deep into our gallery of over 6,000 black hairstyles images to find the “9 Most Attractive Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles You Need to See”.

Braids have certainly solidified their rightful place in the hearts of women across the years…and by the years, I mean THOUSANDS of years. Braiding dates back at least 5000 years ago in African Culture and has spread its way around the world. Now you can find braids in almost every culture and they are well appreciated.  

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Lemonade Braid and Braids Hairstyles are Trendsetting Forms of Expression

Long Side Swept Braids Cornrow
Salon: Blessed Hands Beauty and Barber Artistry LLC / Stylist: Amber McClain / Model: Amber / Make Up: Shaquansia Love

Women of every type at some point in her life have probably rocked braids. The benefits of going with braids are undeniable ranging from convenience to Pure Dopeness! Braids have been dawned by so many women to show edginess, class, power, and strength, and even youth!

Lemonade braids also are known as side cornrows and tribal braids, already have their fanbase of people that love them. Surely it did not hurt their popularity when megastar, Beyoncé, sported them in her historic record/movement entitled Lemonade. And, well, let’s face it, ever since then, they have been collectively called Lemonade Braids.

This style is comprised of sideways and stylish cornrow braids. These cornrow styles can be extremely intricate, or even chic, classy, and simple. The signature for Lemonade braids is crisp and clean parts and extra-long hang time of the braids. Last but far from least, baby hair is important in having genuine Lemonade Braids. Now that you know a few ins and outs of lovely Lemonade Braids, choose your new hot summer do! Here are 9 of the Top Hottest Lemonade Braids and Braid Hairstyles!

Omg! The Best Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle for 2021!

Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle
Stylist: Ashley Sellers / Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC / Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777 / Model: Jamila / Makeup: Ashley Sellers

Long knotless boxAre you feeling like the task of doing your hair is a chore? Sounds like a protective style is just what you need, and long knotless box braids come highly recommended. Calling all ladies, step away from the denim brush, spray bottles, and the entire cabinet below your sink housed by hair products. No matter if you have an afro, long locks, or hair on top of your head with the sides shaved. Enjoy long knotless box braids so you can explore new styles and make them whatever length you want, all while growing your crown and letting someone else do the work for the change.

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  1. The Locs!!! Not just a natural look but it’s Really Natural and more and more ppl are embracing them!! It wins hands down bc of the versatility and Yes he uniqueness I think it is appreciated That much more when adorned!! Dope stylist like the one featured is my choice. Nacole Brown


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