Omg! The Best Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle for 2021!

Are you feeling like the task of doing your hair is a chore? Sounds like a protective style is just what you need, and long knotless box braids come highly recommended. Calling all ladies, step away from the denim brush, spray bottles, and the entire cabinet below your sink housed by hair products. No matter if you have an afro, long locks, or hair on top of your head with the sides shaved. Enjoy long knotless box braids so you can explore new styles and make them whatever length you want, all while growing your crown and letting someone else do the work for the change.

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Stylist: Ashley Sellers
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Jamila
Makeup: Ashley Sellers

Long Knotless Box Braids Are the Perfect Protective Hairstyle

A perk to each of our hair journeys is in the different ways we can express through our hair. The last thing you want is to worry if that expression is going to cost you your hair and all the progress you’ve made. Protective hairstyles give us the room to do so and not worry about any sort of damage. Environmental factors play a significant role in your hair growth journey as well. If you live in a state with high humidity you can cancel that blowout. And in the winter months, which is another time where your hair is more fragile. Both times can be made easier with a good protective style, and it saves time.  For some women cutting out their usual hair routine gives them, at least, three hours back. Talk about reclaiming your time!

The Go-to Look For Busy Fashionistas

What we love most about these long knotless box braids is the fact that it’s low tension, so there is no pulling or damaging your hair. The point of a protective style is to…you got it, protect. Whether you wear small or jumbo braids, you can look forward to not having a knot starting at your scalp. Choosing to go without the knot makes your braids look more natural, and you can now style more freely and easily. You have seen these braids worn by women everywhere and even worn by entertainers like Jada Pinkett Smith and Jhene Aiko. This is a go-to style for those working women who want to just be able to go in the morning, the woman who likes to vacation on the beach and not worry about hair maintenance when she goes swimming, or the woman who frequent the gym for a good workout.

Knotless Braids Give You Versatility

Knotless braids can be worn with low manipulation if that is what you want but, if you would like to explore this style’s versatility then you have room to be creative. How long do you want your hair to be?  Do you like your braids in a bob, or do you like them waist length? Or are you like this model who likes them mid-back? How about adding color, or making your existing color pop? If you are one who prefers not to color your natural hair now you have the opportunity to have any color you want and when you’re done just take it out and move on to the next style. Whether you wear your hair in high neat buns, lazy buns, fishtail braids, half up half down, and many other ways there are endless possibilities with knotless braids. No wonder they are highly recommended.

Embrace the Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Your natural hair journey is about growing a healthy crown free from chemicals. Taking a break from the chore of doing your hair gives it room to breathe as well. Frequent shampooing, drying, and tugging at your hair causes your hair to become stressed. Allow your hair to remain untouched and free to grow. There is a handful of women who just simply do not like having to do their hair at all. Long knotless box braids are low maintenance so taking care of them at home only requires that you keep them moisturized and tied up at night. Moisturizing is made simpler since your hair is already parted so all you must do is apply whatever product you use.  Imagine oiling your hair and not have to worry about parting!

Ashley Sellers, located at Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. has mastered the technique of neatly braiding our natural hair and adding more hair in as she completes each braid. She finishes it off by adding products to the hair and having her client sit under the dryer for the completed look. The model shown above has chosen to rock the small knotless box braids that come mid-back length also.

When you come to catch the wave with Ashley at Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville, NC, you can guarantee achieving this style will be more than just braiding. Ashley, shampoos, conditions, and dries your hair as well as adding the needed moisturizer prior to braiding. So, you can rest assured that your crown has everything it needs to flourish. Ladies, with help from Ashley you can look forward to a long-term period of 8 to 10 weeks without worrying about your hair. And those not-so-great hair days are put to rest. If this is a style that you would like to wear longer than the 6 to 8 weeks you can come back for a retouch of the braids around your edges.

Let Ashley Create Your New Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle

So, if you need no more convincing that long knotless box braids are the style for you, ask for Ashley at Wave Links Hair Studio located in Fayetteville NC. Come relax and let the staff take good care of you with laughs, good conversation, and top-tier customer service, and most importantly a good slay. When you come to this salon you will leave strutting and feeling like your best self. Come catch the wave!

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