This Platinum Blonde Mohawk from Nikia Gorham Is Sure To Turn Heads

The beautiful platinum blonde mohawk hairstyle adds excitement to any occasion. It is the perfect summer style that allows your hair to breathe in the heat and humidity. However, some people wear it during the winter months. The mohawk is a universal style that is worn by both men and women. The hair that is left out in the middle can be worn several different ways. You will turn heads practically everywhere you go because it’s a bold style. It can be worn in many colors too. This elegant twist on the mohawk hairstyle was created by Greensboro, NC cosmetologist Nikia Gorham.

Salon: Transcending Innovations Beauty
Stylist: Nikia Gorham
Model: Rhonda
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

Elegant Platinum Blonde Mohawk

Nikia was able to create a geometrical look that has platinum blonde in the middle with each side tapered short. This model has hair extensions in the middle part, but you can use your natural hair if you’re brave enough to go with this style. This shaped up hawk helps you look and feel astonishing. Nikia Gorham was able to create this hairstyle by tapering the sides and slightly plucking the middle to create this fabulous platinum blonde mohawk. Practically anyone can wear this hairstyle with the added benefit that there is such little maintenance needed.  

Nikia was able to first set the sides and then decide on the blonde hair that would be used in the middle. To accomplish the blonde mohawk you can have hair in the middle or have your hair completely shaved. If you don’t have any hair in the middle because your hair is closely cropped, glue can be used to create the middle section where the blonde is installed. However, as a protective style, you can have the middle part sewn in.

Introducing Nikia Gorham from Transcending Innovations in Greensboro, NC

You’re invited to come in and talk to Nikia Gorham from Transcending Innovations Beauty in Greensboro, NC about creating this platinum blonde mohawk for your new look today. Give Nikia a call at (336) 515-0826.

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