Long Curly Hairstyle for Black Women from Jacqard Daniels

There are manyblack hairstyles for women that people have seen before. But this hairstyle by Jacqard Daniels is one of the few long curly black hairstyles for women with a twist.

Jacqard Daniels is a black male hairstylist who knows what women want. He says this particular hairstyle was inspired by the 1940’s. This was one of the time periods where women were at their most polished. They had manners and grace, and of course, finger waves.

Hair: Jacquard Daniels
Make Up: Deirdre Clay
Model: Lillian


The decade was full of women wearing the classic wave at the top of their hair. ButJacqard Daniels modernized and modified the finger wave so it has a loose touch at the base of the hair. Then the hair cascades down with free falling curls. These curls are a little less polished than what a traditional curling iron will produce. That is also an homage to all the ladies back in that era that didn’t all have the same access to curling irons with electric plugs. Many of them had to do pin curls with their hair and then clip them in and leave them until the morning. The result was curls, but less curly than if one went over the hair with a uniform rod.

In this modern era there are also ombres. So of course a woman looking to complete her look can take this look and add some color therapy.Darlington SC black hair salons offer any type of color service that a lady could imagine. So if she wants to lighten up the hair or give it some funky colors, this is completely in the cards for a visit.

Women who will like this style are the type of women who enjoy being adventurous and yet classy. You definitely have to want to look like you have some grace to pull off looks from the early part of the 20th century. Those women were expected to look and be it all. Back then, they went out with their finest looks and garments. And the garments were definitely a sign of what economic class that they belong to.

Nowadays, women dress to impress too, but they have the option of just dressing down or up depending on the type of activity. And women who do not want to dress up can certainly go out looking as casual as a workplace allows.

This hairstyle is higher maintenance, so women might want to get this done if they are going to a fancy party or an event where they want to stand out. They can pair this look with a 1940’s inspired get up to give that extra bit of polish. Even a simple dress with this hair can really make a statement. This hair is a statement piece all in itself.

Visit one of the salons to get pampered today. You will find that you feel relaxed in an atmosphere where the stylists specialize in doing black hair. It takes experience to execute this look, so trust the best in the business.

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