Bold Mohawk Hairstyle with Tight Curly Bangs from Rose Mz. Magic Wand

Nothing makes the statement that you’re the boldest person in the room, more than a stylish mohawk hairstyle. This mohawk hairstyle with tight bangs was created using kinky, curly, commercial hair extensions in the top. The model’s natural hair is a close brush haircut also. A design part was added around the head also. The look was completed by Rose Mz. Magic Wand and the design was made by King Cuts also. This look uses the tight curls in the commercial hair to highlight the intricate design parts circumventing the style. Rose Mz. Magic Wand and King Cuts did a wonderful collaboration when they created this bold mohawk hairstyle with tight bangs.

Salon: Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co.
Stylist: Rose Mz. Magic Wand
Model: Sherece
Make Up: Enrika Wilds


Mohawk Hairstyle with Tight Bangs

Rose Mz. Magic Wand used a kinky curly grade of commercial hair to form the top of this mohawk hairstyle, therefore the commercial hair was added on top of the model’s close-cut natural hair. The long curls in the front create a softening effect on the front of the face. Adding to the beauty of the curls, master barber King Cuts created a fierce design part that takes this mohawk hairstyle to a whole new level. The intricacy of the design makes the boldness of the mohawk stand out also. A major goal is to keep this mohawk hairstyle looking salon fresh, therefore the model needs to use a daily moisturizer and wrap their hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet.

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Introducing Rose Mz. Magic Wand from Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co. in Ellenwood, GA

Rose Mz. Magic Wand is a professional hair stylist specializing in Black hairstyles and trends also. Her work is known to always be polished and on trend also. Rose’s work has been featured in multiple national hair care publications also. Give Rose Mz. Magic Wand a call at (770) 330-9288, she would love to help you create your next signature hairstyle.


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