Natural Twist Set with Braids Hairstyle from Pamela Webster

This twist set with braids is perfect for any age. Although the model pictured is young, it can look good on older clients as well.

It’s All in the Techniques

Salon: GBM3
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Brianna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The golden hues are beautiful. There is a soft brown. Then there are gold accents that come in the form of highlights. Imagine curls that cascade down. You can have soft natural curls and braids with this style. The braids in the front and the side of the hair add interest. The cornrows are just right. It is especially nice to have the side of the hair filled with cornrows. That gives the hair an edgy look. And having hair that is on the cutting edge is what professional hair salons and cosmetologists are all about delivering.

Easy Maintenance Without Sacrificing Style

Clients that like to have asymmetrical ‘dos will love this one. They will enjoy having their hair immaculately styled every morning for them as well. This is just a get up and go style. The client will not have to have much work put in just making sure their curls are nice. They can get some styling product to help the hair to dry just right.

Introducing Pam Webster from GBM3 Inc.

If you already love this style, then you need to visit Pamela Webster at the salon GBM3 Inc. in Mobile, AL. Just give the salon a call at (251) 473-9575 and then schedule in your appointment. The friendly staff will be able to answer any questions that you have about the look and your appointment.

So, if you want brown curly hair that makes a statement, you will want to go for this look. The cornrows are a great way to capitalize on the latest trend. The side shave is very popular and this will give a unique twist to that look. And the best part is that you won’t have to shave the side of your head for it.

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