Cute Mid-Length Hairstyle with Tight Wavy Curls from Booh Weave

Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA created this asymmetrical haircut on commercial hair. The look features tight, wavy curls throughout as well. Booh has a reputation for producing eye catching hairstyles and this mid-length hairstyle with tight, wavy curls shows you why she is so highly regarded. Using commercial extensions will protect the model’s own hair as it is braided underneath. Upon adding the extensions, Booh proceded to perform a custom asymmetrical haircut that forms the foundation of this beautiful doo. Once the cut was completed, Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon added some tight, wavy curls throughout the hairstyle to finish the look.

Salon: Hair ER Salon
Stylist: Booh Weave
Model: Chantel 
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Elegant Mid-Length Hairstyle with Tight Wavy Curls

Whether hair just above the shoulder is your desired length, or you’re going through a transitional phase, where you are migrating from short to long, mid-length hairstyles have been known to offer fewer varieties that their longer and shorter counterparts. This can create a bit of an artistic challenge for many hair stylists as they try to create something innovative for mid-length hair, while staying on trend also. Booh Weave manages to master this artistic challenge by creating this soft, yet bold, mid-length hairstyle with tight, wavy curls that will look good at event.

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Introducing Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA

Booh Weave is an accomplished black hairstylist located at Hair ER Salon, 5005 Snapfinger Wood Drive in Decatur, GA. Booh specializes in all types of healthy haircare techniques, from natural hairstyles to quick weaves. Her passion is creating the perfect hairstyle to fit your lifestyle and desires. When you’re ready for an update on your current hairstyle, give Booh Weave a call at (404) 729-3684. Let her, or any member of the talented staff at Hair ER Salon create your next signature hairstyle.

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