Braided Knots Updo Hairstyle with Hair Color from Pamela Webster

Whatever the occasion, this is one up do hairstyle that is certainly creative. It also is fitting for a fancy event as well as just a change of pace. The added red to make the style stand out definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Braided Knots Make the Look

Salon: GBM3
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Elizabeth
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

If you have always loved braided knots, then this is the look for you. There are many knots at the front of the head. These knots add visual interest. It’s nice to find a look too that is different. This knotted look will start all new trends. You won’t be caught looking ordinary.

At the crown of the head, there are a mass of curls. This makes for easy re-styling. A person could just reuse the up do as many times as she wants. That’s the beauty of having a style that is creative but still easy to touch up.

Hair Color Accents

One of the best parts of this style is the side profile. There is so much volume in the curls. And there is an alteration of black and red curls. That makes the hair very attractive and a lot dressier. It is great to have an up do that works on all angles.

Introducing Pamela webster from GBM3 Inc.

If you must have this exact look, then you are in luck. The stylist Pamela Webster is from the salon GBM3 Inc. in Mobile, AL. Just give the salon a call at (251) 473-9575 in order to book your appointment today. You will be delighted by the friendly and helpful staff. And you will come out of the salon looking just like the picture.

For an up do that is truly amazing, make sure you go to this salon. You will look surprisingly chic and sophisticated all at the same time. It’s a joy to get a style that will last for a long time. You can even keep the knots in after you let your hair down.

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