Long Ponytail Hairstyle for Black Women from Amber McClain

If you are looking for an exciting take on ponytail hairstyles for black women then this is the one. The black hairstyles featured at this salon are always unique and fresh.

Showstopping Ponytail Hairstyle

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Myeisha
Make Up: Shaquansia Love

It’s a fact that if you get this style you will stand out. The bangs are long but parted to be out of the face. Their multiple partings really give it an edgy look. The ponytail has cascading curls for days. It looks ultra-elegant. The way the hair wrapped around the ponytail gives the entire look lift and volume is what makes the ponytail hairstyle truly stunning.

You can go out with this look or just wear it for a work day. There are options when it comes to doing your hair this way. That’s one of the nice things about a ponytail style- it can be dressed up or dressed down.

This ponytail hairstyle is only upstaged by the long sweeping bangs. And there is certainly not another hair out of place to speak of. Everything is super coiffed.

Introducing Amber McClain from Endless Creations Hair Studio

Now that you have chosen a style, you must pick a salon. The stylist is Amber McClain at Endless Creations Hair Studio in Pensacola, FL. Just call the salon’s phone number at (850) 696-8481 and the receptionist will find a slot for you.

What could be better than getting the best style that you have ever gotten in your life? There are not too many things in life that can top having good hair. When your hair is great, then your whole outlook in life can change too.

Enjoy your hair with getting this ponytail style. It is just so sophisticated. The only problem is that once you get it done once, you will want to book in as soon as possible to have another one for your next event. Or just wear it at work for the next few days after.

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