Long Two-Toned Shoulder Length Wig from Denise Granberry

What screams glamour louder than bouncy two-tone shoulder length curls.  Romantic large curls frame the face elegantly. Denise Granberry from Global Tresses Hair Salon has delivered an effortless and flawless installment! A trendy look that you could see on the cover of any magazine. Denise specializes in natural and trendy wigs and installments. Her quality installments are custom by design and even by fitting. However, our focus is on this particular cute look!

Salon: Global Tresses Hair Salon
Stylist: Denise Granberry
Model: Turkesa
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Long Hair Don’t Care

These shoulder length, luxurious tresses are full in both body and volume. The large red-carpet worthy curls cascade beautifully with an added spark of blonde. The bang is feathered to the side followed up by more cute curls. The highlight adds the “umph” that we often crave. The hair choice itself was chosen for easy management!

Custom Made Wigs

Wigs with Denise are able to be customized from beginning to end, with your own choice of hair, colors and styling. Your creative freedoms do not have to be quenched! This particular installment can be replicated as is. This Hollywood style is ready for most occasions where elegance, sexiness, and fashion all must meet.

Global Tresses Hair Salon

Global Tresses Hair Salon located in Fayetteville North Carolina is a multi service salon. Denise specializes in making and customizing wigs for recreational and medical cosmetic wigs. Global Tresses Hair Salon and stylist Denise values the privacy of clients and offers quiet and private options for medical consultations. The top priority and desire for all clients is to offer the best customer service experience from greeting to exiting. Time is valuable for everyone and nothing to be taken advantage of. You may book your appointment with Denise in several ways: through the Universalsalons.com website, stylist website, or give her a call at (910) 336-6075.

The looks that you love and can imagine are also the same looks that Denise can help you achieve! So, contact, get excited and enjoy your newest do brought to by Denise Granberry.


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