Ombre Hair Color on a Classic Bob Hairstyle from Fayetteville NC Hair Stylist Denise Granberry

Salon: L3 Salon
Stylist: Denise Granberry
Model: Versace

Getting the perfect bob for black hairstyles is not as hard you might guess. This ombre is actually pretty simple to master with a medium barrel curling iron and a flat iron. 

Your cut be just an inch above your shoulders in the front with the back being straight and layered. Use your straightener to make sure the hair in the back is straight and silky. You will next use your curling iron to curl your hair in the front. Use about an inch of hair until it is warm to the touch. Release the hair and use hairspray to hold it in place. Do not comb out or brush the curls and you will achieve the perfect look for your cut.

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