Fierce Custom Unit Hairstyle with Hair Color from Tiffany Jones

This cotton candy colored custom unit is definitely an attention getter. The pink and rose gold custom hair color technique work flawlessly against the long silky hair extensions with pin curls in the back and large barrel curls in the front also. This long custom unit hairstyle with hair color is the perfect fit for any night on the town or signature event where you want to be the center of attention. This hairstyle has the added bonus of helping to protect your own hair as it sits underneath as a result. This long, lovely hairstyle was created by Ellenwood, GA hair stylist Tiffany Jones from Tiffany J’s House of Trends.

Salon: Tiffany J’s House of Trends
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Jones
Model: Iesha
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Long Custom Unit with Cotton Candy Hair Color

Tiffany Jones is not only the creator of this long flowing hairstyle; she is also the owner of the company that sells the commercial hair needed to bring this look to life. First of all, the long hair went through a custom hair color technique that used a special blend of pinks and rose golds at the bottom to create this gradient. The hair color adds definition to this bouncy flowing style while also adding flair. Add to the color, the pulled apart pin curls in the back and the large barrel curls in the front, and you have a fun, flirty, long hairstyle with plenty of bounce.

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Introducing Tiffany Jones from Tiffany J’s House of Trends in Ellenwood, GA

Tiffany Jones is one of the most published black hair stylists in the Atlanta area. Her work has graced the pages of magazines like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide also. Tiffany creates beautiful custom unit wigs using the highest quality hair featuring the newest style techniques in the black hair industry. Give Tiffany a call at (404) 543-8382 and let Tiffany create one of her custom unit wigs, just for you.

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