Natural Tight Curly Hairstyle from Marcus Doss in Fayetteville, NC

A natural tight curly hairstyle from Marcus Doss is one of the fun and flirty curly hairstyles that will take you from day to evening. The natural tight curly hairstyle is one of the signature black hairstyles for women with natural hair. If you are not in the Fayetteville, NC area and want one of Marcus Doss’s curly hairstyles, here are some instructions on how to get the natural tight curly hairstyle from your home.

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Marcus Doss
Model: Shamika
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

How To Do A Natural Tight Curly Hairstyle Yourself

1. Shampoo Your Hair
This step depends on the current condition of your hair. If your hair is relatively clean, a coshampoo is only needed. A coshampoo is when you shampoo your hair with rinse out conditioner only. If your hair is dirty, one round of shampooing is needed. Only shampoo your hair once, then, go to conditioning it with a rinse-out conditioner.

2. Be liberal.
Once you have shampooed your hair, you need to add more conditioner to your hair. Use a lot of conditioner to make your natural hair into tight curls.

3. Detangle Your Hair
You can detangle your hair using your fingers and a large-toothed brush. Do not use a finer toothed comb. These combs can damage natural hair. When you use a brush, section off your hair. When you do this, you are training your hair to curl in what we curl clumping. The size of your sections is relative to how thick your hair is and the size of your curls. Tighter curls require smaller sections. Brush each section as a grouping to detangle.

You use your fingers to separate the clump curls. This is better than using a comb to section off your hair. Parts will show if you use a come to make your sections. Naturally, use your fingers.

4. Settling
The conditioner in your hair may produce a lot of foam during the detangling process. Do not worry. This is natural, and the foam will disappear once your hair is settled. Also remember, your hair needs to be soaking wet during the detangling stage.

5. Define Curls
Now, you can create the curls by wrapping your hair around your finger. You can also use a comb or brush to help you define curls. Never use heat for this natural hairstyle.

Additional Notes:

For your shampoo, use a shampoo that has SLES and not SLS. These are gentle shampoos that work great for natural hairstyles.

Use hair conditioners that allow a lot of slip, but does not have a tendency to flake. Some silicone conditioning shampoos offer this.

Do not use hair gel or mousse on your hair. It sticks the hair together and does not give your hair the bouncing free look you want with a natural tight curly hairstyle.

If you are looking for one of the Fayetteville hair salons that specialize in natural hair, Marcus Doss hair salon is the only choice for you. You can make you an appointment today by calling (910) 483-3870.

Enjoy the new and natural you.

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  1. I want to detangle new root growth; not so much detangling for 6-8″ length. But I have a little ove 1″ tangled root growth that I want detangled. Help!!!
    What can I do?


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