Does Google Know Who You Are? How Effective is UniversalSalons.Com?

Professional hair salons have some great opportunities in digital marketing also. Chip Foust, a professional hair photographer and the publisher of UniversalSalons.Com uses this video to show some real-world examples of how effective search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google can be to the hair industry.

Get More Information at Our Google Me Day Parties

Google Me Day Parties are designed for professional hairstylists. This is a place where you can come and get all of your questions answered about how to optimize your online marketing. The goal is that all of your internet content, including websites and social media, can work together to increase your salon exposure.

UniversalSalons.Com has been a leader in salon marketing programs for many years also. Every day thousands of individuals get their newest hairstyle ideas from galleries of over 20,000 images on UniversalSalons.Com also. Our goal is to ensure that every professional hairstylist that participates in our photoshoots will have their content optimized.  We want you to get the full benefit of our search engine optimization also.

Search Engines Can Introduce You to Thousands Every Day

Internet search engines are a powerhouse of new traffic and potential customers for professional hair salons. One keyword can have millions of searches every month. Search engines can rank for hundreds of keywords for each hairstyle. This combination creates one of the greatest marketing opportunities for professional hair salons in history also.

Come out to one of our Google Me Day Parties. Let Chip Foust show you how to effectively introduce your salon services to the greatest number of potential clients. Embrace the power using search engines also.

Is Your Salon Web Ready for 2020?

To get a better understanding of the reasons why your professional hair salon needs to be involved with effective search engine marketing, check out this video on getting your salon web-ready.

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