Ultra Chic Sew-In Bob Hairstyle from Tiffany Thames in Kernersville, NC

When it comes to having a short, symmetrical bob, this hairstyle from Tiffany Thames is a beautiful representation of all a modern bob can be. Tiffany is a professional hairstylist located at Main attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC. This is a sew-in bob hairstyle using Brazilian hair also. The result is smooth, sleek, and perfectly straight hair. The look mimics the singer Aaliyah. If you like large hoops, the hairstyle works exceptionally well. This sleek, sophisticated sew-in bob hairstyle is a definite attention-getter also. The hair will sway and bounce as you saunter into a room. You can stop on a dime and this sew in bob hairstyle will fall right back into place.

Model in a Short White Dress with a Sew In Bob Hairstyle
The fine hairs on the left side are finger waved into a soft curl. This hair is designed to move when the model moves and falls in place when she stops.
Right View of a Chic Sew In Bob Hairstyle
The blunt lines of this sew in bob hairstyle were created using a razor cut technique.

Stylist: Tiffany Thames
Salon: Main Attraction Hair Studio, Kernersville, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 992-0263
Model: Chassidy
Makeup: Chandra Peak

Sew-In Bob Hairstyle With Brazilian Hair

The reason that Tiffany used Brazilian hair is because it moves freely with the model. The look should always stay sleek and straight, even when the wearer turns one’s head. This is a razor cut hairstyle. The razor helps to give diffused ends and contributes to creating a blunt line of this sew-in bob hairstyle. The style is swept to one covering the bang. Really, the one side is like a very long fringe. There is a natural part along the side of the head. From here, the fine hairs on the other side are waved delicately.

The weave is integrated into the natural hairstyle. Then, of course, the natural hair is silk pressed to blend in with the sew-in. Tiffany Thames applied jet black demi-permanent color to the hair to make the hair shine and pop. It certainly has a bit of gloss to it. A dye that is a darker color can add to the hair and strengthen the entire hair shaft.

Model Sweeping the Sew In Bob Hairstyle Away from Her Eye
The hair color in this sew in bob hairstyle was created using a demi-permanent jet black hair color.
The Left View of a Sew In Bob Hairstyle
The left side of this sew in bob hairstyle features a natural part with the Brazilian hair swept to the right.

Hair That Moves When You Move

As you can see from the model, the hair will flow in many different directions. If you like a bob that can only really lay flat and straight, then you will love this one. If you turn your hair, you will see your hair flow in a uniform pattern. This is because there are many lines of symmetry in the cut.

For at-home maintenance, you should wrap the hair with a silk or satin bonnet. In the morning the hair will fall in place. Don’t use any products because it will weigh down the style. This is a very low maintenance look and you will enjoy the shampoo and go lifestyle also. If the pattern falls out, you will have to use a straightening iron at home. Make sure that you use a high temperature and protect the hair with a lightweight hair protectant.

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All in all, you get a nice-looking sew-in bob hairstyle that will hold its flow. You can grow this cut out a little longer and it will still look nice. The effect of having hair that makes you look trendy and noticeable will certainly have you feeling confident also. It’s a look that wears well in the office and it’s also one that looks nice on vacation.

The Sew In Bob Hairstyle Flows Over the Model's Back
The sleek lines of the Brazilian hair used in this sew in bob flow over the model’s back.
Sleek Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle
The model’s own hair was silk pressed to match the sew-in hair. The finished look is a sleek bob hairstyle.

Introducing Tiffany Thames from Main Attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC

If you want this look and feel that it would be a fit for you, then you should book in for a consultation with Tiffany Thames. She’s just waiting to make your day with this effervescent look. Ultimately, you will know that you are in good hands when you book in with Tiffany. A new look and a new you are awaiting also. Tiffany Thames is located at Main Attraction Hair Studio, located at 214 Century Blvd in Kernersville, NC. Give Tiffany a call at (336) 992-0263. She’ll be happy to create a trendsetting look like this sew-in bob hairstyle.

The Back Of a Sleek Bob Hairstyle
The back of this hairstyle features the blunt lines of the A-line bob haircut. The distinctive blunt lines were created using a razor cut technique.
Model in Front of a Gold Door with a Sew In Bob Hairstyle
The distinctive lines of the A-Line bob haircut are examples of the sophistication this look embodies.

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