Ebony Curtis’ Short Mohawk Hairstyle

Salon: A Lady Becoming Salon
Stylist: Ebony Curtis
Model: Leslie
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Black women have a strong, charming and extraordinary hair type. Most black hairstyles, whether short or long, are styled according to the shape of the client’s face. Black women are known for making a statement with their short hair. This short Mohawk Hairstyle from Laurel MD cosmetologist Ebony Curtis is easily done but completely and effortlessly stands out in a crowd. As a short hairstyle, the Mohawk has been worn by women from all around the world, from celebrities, to working moms or even teenagers. It all depends on how the Mohawk is done. The idea of this black hairstyle is to turn any kind of hair into the desired kind of Mohawk, both short and long hair lengths work great with this hair up do. One of the ever trendy and fun ways to do a black hair is the ‘Mohawk Funk’ by Ebony Curtis. It is fresh, new and keeps all heads turning besides the fact that you can let your young daughter get it as well. It is mainly made for those natural black hairstyles and is absolutely easy to maintain with very few working tools and using the right hair products.To bring out the best of this look, A Lady Becoming Hair Salon  is the place to go. Ms Curtis is the style originator and everyone else will just be imitating her style. The tools used include a wide tooth comb, hair pick, clips, styling gel or shaping gel, hair sheen. To come up with this up do look, here is what will be done by a professional.The most basic but very important step is shampooing and conditioning the hair with the right products especially for kids. The shaping or styling gel should then be thoroughly applied to the hair and worked in properly. Using a wide tooth comb, form a Mohawk look by gently combing the sides, back, and top towards the centre. Then use the hair pins to secure the hair in place making sure to hide them from the eye well. With all the hair in the middle, the last step should professionally and attractively hide the hair pins in place. Clipping sections separately by pulling them will give the look more fun for your baby girl.All black hairstyles are about thinking outside the box and coming up with new and fresh ideas. A Lady Becoming Salon will bring these creative hairdos for black women to you. A qualified and experienced professional will give you tips on how to maintain your hair and what products are best when used on your hair texture. As opposed to styling at home, Ebony Curtis gives special care to your hair’s health and advices n what new looks would go with your type of face. And as Joan Crawford said, the most important thing a woman can have besides her talent, is her hairdresser. Every black woman deserves to look good and with well kept hair, beauty follows. give Ebony a call at (757) 234-1094.

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