Short Hairstyle with Highlights from Ebony Curtis

Salon: A Lady Becoming Salon
Stylist: Ebony Curtis
Model: Bellyta
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This Short Style with Highlights is one of a handful of recently-created short hairstyles for black women. The hair is short with more weight on the right side. The ear on the right side is hidden in hair while the other is exposed. Ebony Curtis is a professional cosmetologist in Laurel MD, and she created tis urban funk hairstyle. First, of course, she shampoos the customer’s hair and gets her styling shampoo well lathered up. After that, Ebony used a professional conditioner to keep the hair healthy. Then she cuts the hair as short as desired — usually down to inch above the skull — and puts curlers into it until it has the desired look. When cutting, she also shaves the neck up to a point slightly below the position of the ears, with the remaining hair forming a circular boundary. The hair just above the left ear is cut short compared to the surrounding area. Depending on the customer’shair color, the stylist may also use spray or dye to prep it up.
This style was created by Ebony Curtis from A Lady Becoming Salon in Laurel, MD. Phone number (757) 234-1094. She has had ten years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and has just opened her own salon. Ms. Curtis performs all kinds of hair services — shampoo, conditioning treatment, coloring, gift cards, photo shoots, haircuts and updos. Sixteen of her other hairstyles are also featured on the pages of Universal Salons, where, too, the viewer can choose to look exclusively at those hairstyles that were created for black women and men. A Lady Becoming Salon is conveniently located in a shopping center with a large parking lot.

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