Long Kid’s Hairstyle with Side Bangs from RaTishayehshen Bacon

Your kids work hard too, going to school and all their extracurricular activities. That’s why you should let your girl have this classic cut, which is one of the best kid’s hairstyles.

Side Bangs Make the Look

Salon: Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio
Stylist: RaTishayehshen Bacon
Model: Zakhiah
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The cut has adorable side bangs. These side bangs are very flattering to the face. They have a natural curl pattern to them, so they fall elegantly to the side. The rest of the hair is beautiful and long. It is perfect for all the little girl up do’s and daily do’s. You can braid it or put a half ponytail in the hair, just like the picture.

Precision Haircut on Long Hair

With this cut, your daughter will not look back on her school photos and shudder. She will be happy that you allowed her to grow her hair out. She will be feeling extra pampered that she gets to go to a salon and get a cut just like a lady. You can even book in for your own haircut at the same time. That way you can kill two birds with one stone. Your daughter will probably fall in love with this ultra-popular cut the minute that she sees a photo.

Introducing RaTishayehshen Bacon Bacon from Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio

If this is the cut that your daughter must have, then make sure she books in with stylist RaTishayehshen Bacon at the salon called Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio. It is located at Ft. Walton Beach in Florida. The salon’s phone number is (850) 200-4300. You can let your little one be in the capable hands of the team here and get pampered.

Kids deserve to have great hair. And this hair style is something that most little girls dream of. The cut is long yet manageable. And the bangs won’t fall in her face when she is playing at recess. Make sure to show your daughter this picture.

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