Fall in Love With This Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

If you don’t have a lot of natural hair but you still want long flowing locks, then a weave is the way to go. This long diagonal forward quick weave bob by hairstylist Carla Harris from Ms.Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia is the way to go if you like looking in style. The 70s style fringe is at the forefront of 2021 fashion. The flipped-out bangs are cute and they are definitely going to be trending in a big way. However, this particular style is uniquely designed, so the patron, you, will still get a complete set apart look. There are really only positives when it comes to this style.

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Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs
Stylist: Carla Harris
Salon Phone: (803) 237-9888
Model: Denise
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

While this is a long diagonal forward quick weave bob style, it is still longer than typical bobs. Those who really like the front pieces of hair being longer will enjoy this look. There are also a long of textured bangs going down the side of the face. This can be styled in or out. Also, the top part can be flipped while the other parts can go inward just to frame the face.

Change Your Look Instantly

One advantage of getting a weave is that you can get it right away. There are no long-drawn-out growing hair phases for this look. There is simply a short period where a person just books the particular look and then it is executed. You can always ask Carla too for some advice when it comes to caring for a weave. A weave may require special shampoos depending on the type of hair used. Additionally, one should wrap the hair in a satin bonnet at the end of the night for sleeping.

A person can do a lot with this look, such as wear it to the office or just around town doing errands. It’s not particularly fancy. This means that a person can enjoy being able to wear one’s hair down and looking perfectly in place no matter what the occasion is.

Hair Color is an Added Touch for This Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

The model Denise’s hair is dark brown. This means that the original hair was lightened before applying the weave. There are also highlighted lighter reddish streaks in the hair. The highlights add dimension and visual interest to the hair. The back end of the hair can be curled inwards. It is also cut with a certain angle of the hands to ensure that the tips swing inwards. It can be easy with the many heat tools of today to do the hair flips. A person might want to purchase a heated brush to get the look because it can be easier to do flips with than a curling iron. Also, there is a lot of layering and texturing in the cut so that it flows down naturally with visual interest added already. The hair is easy to tweak because it is already so expertly shaped.

The Perfect Makeup Application

Also, because of the fact that the hair has lighter colors than you may be used to, you might want to consult Carla Harris about what coloring of makeup will work best with it. She will have the best idea of what looks good. The model looks great with the light-colored eyeshadow. It really ties the whole look together. You definitely want to use makeup to your advantage with shorter hair. You can give the cut an entirely different edge with the right applied makeup. The makeup also has a smokey layer of grey at the top of the lid. This helps to frame the eye and bring out a brighter color. It all makes her smile pop out. There is no need for a lot of lip color when the eye is the accent point. You can talk to Carla Harris for more details regarding this.

Begin 2021 With a New Look

You may think that Denise Felder looks great and that you really want her cut. This can happen when you book in at the salon. You can also do an update on your wardrobe after the cut. This will make you feel better and get 2021 looking brighter. With a new cut and a few new clothes, you will be off to the races. Even if you are just working from your own home still, being polished and looking fresh can really help to accentuate your looks.

Customized Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

There is a lot that can be said about this quick weave long diagonal forward bob. You may think that it is something that you’ve been wanting for a while, but there is nothing quite like it out. Due to the custom design, you will probably be one of the few ladies that is rocking this look at first. You will probably get a lot of compliments and have people asking you where you get your hair done.

Bobs Make the Perfect Fashion Statement

Bobs can be a sophisticated way to look a little more elegant. If you are looking to refine your look, then bobs are definitely the way that you can go about doing so. It’s a good transition from any length of hair too due to the weave. If you already have long hair, then you can get your hair cut this length and even forego the weave. You will just have to get the color services performed on your hair. It can really be a nice change of pace.


All in all, you will find that you can thrive with the look here. It’s great for all occasions. As you know, spring is coming up, so this is the perfect time to lighten up your look with a bob style. It’s not too long and not too short. Those who really like having bobs will enjoy all the extra twists that this particular bob has in store. It’s an adventurous bob and for those that like to try new things. It also has the hallmarks of spring 2021 style trends, which works well for people who like to keep up with fashion and to set the trends. This is a spectacular way to celebrate making it this far in 2021 and move forward with all the wonderful things to come.

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