Fall in Love With This Two-Strand Twists Black Hairstyle

This funky two-strand twist hairstyle features a bold custom hair color also. The color is a custom combination of different hues of browns and blondes. Deirdre Clay, a professional hairstylist from Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville, NC designed this look on the model’s relaxer free hair. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. You can wear it as a daily office hairstyle or an elegant evening look.

Two-Strand Twists on Relaxer Free Hair

Two-strand twists are created by sectioning the model’s hair into square partings and twisting two strands together. Once the hair is twisted together, use bobby pins to secure the twists until they dry. Two-strand twists are great black hairstyles for people who are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that will last.

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Ianna
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

The twist is created when the hair is wet using a setting lotion, curl defining cream, natural gel, and natural oil. Creating the twists in a wet state will help to add definition to the finished hairstyle. Using the curl defining cream and the natural oil will help your two-strand twists retain moisture also.

Two-Strand Twists Are Versatile

Most fashionistas enjoy their two-strand twists black hairstyles because of their versatility. Once the twists are created, you’re free to wear your hair in any type of style. Many people wear their two-strand twists straight down, while others choose to wear their hair up in a ponytail or some other type of updo.

Add a Splash of Color

Color helps to add definition to any hairstyle. Deirdre Clay used a custom hair color technique to create movement and add flair also. The color is created using brown and blonde shades. The finished look is a bold statement that takes these two-strand twists Black hairstyle to another level. Before the blonde hues could be added, Deirdre lifted her model’s hair to remove her natural hair color in those areas. The blonde hair color in the front creates a bold contrast that flows into the model’s own darker hair color.

Taking Care of This Two-Strand Twists Black Hairstyle at Home

Along with the great looks of a two-strand twists hairstyle, another benefit is how easy they are to maintain. Deirdre suggests using a sulfate-free shampoo for your at-home maintenance routine. Sulfate-free shampoos will ensure your color will last longer while it removes debris and adds moisture also. You should also wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet each night.

The two-strand twists hairstyle in these images was created by Deirdre Clay, a professional hairstylist located at Wave Links Hair Studio Inc., 5114 Yadkin Rd, Suite – 136 in Fayetteville, NC. Deirdre is a healthy hair specialist with a passion for hair color. She is also an international educator who teaches other professional hairstylists her signature techniques. Stop by the salon or give Deirdre a call at (910) 864-8777 and let her create a stunning two-strand twists hairstyle for you.

Use These Products to Create This Hairstyle

Natural OilInfluance Natural Oil

Restore your hair’s natural moisture with this light oil or use it as a hot oil treatment.
Twist & Lock GelInfluance Twist & Lock Gel

Refresh or maintain your locs and twists with this natural recipe for a superior hold.

Description Sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo that detangles and softeners hair for greater manageability. Formulated with the exclusive anti-fade system for color-treated hair.Honey Almond Shampoo

Sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo that detangles and softeners hair for greater manageability. Formulated with the exclusive anti-fade system for color-treated hair.

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