Inverted, Layered Bod with Red Highlights from Tracy Graham

Salon: Flawless Visions
Stylist: Tracy Graham
Model: Chevonne
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Hairstylist Tracy Graham is a renowned expert when it comes to black hairstyles, notably those involving shorter hair. Here we see the result of her latest piece, an inverted layered bob, and it looks stunning. Of course, with the tips of the woman’s medium hair only reaching her neck, Tracy did not have much to work with, but she did not see this as a handicap. Hair color was tackled first; strokes of medium red subtly loom out of the black base, just enough to catch the eye but not to the point of being too glaring. The hair is then curved towards an angle, but only slightly, to accentuate the woman’s natural jawline while providing an exciting, mysterious aspect. The hairstyle looks brilliant from any and all angles. 

Tracy cut this model’s hair into a fierce inverted bob with subtle red highlights by Influence. The sides are feathered to add a soft touch to this edgy cut. The back is layered to the model’s nape and features a striking band of solid color around the bottom layer. Tracy used a ceramic flat iron and a smoothing serum for protection and shine.

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