Kid’s Braided Black Hairstyle from Mel Wright

Ever dreamed that your kid would finally get that perfect hairstyle that would combine all their wildest wishes? No more having to struggle with the child in the morning to do their hair. Just instead all you would have to contend with while sipping your coffee is blissful appreciation for taking them to the salon.  

With this modern style by Mel Wright, you will have them bounding out of the nearest Universal Salons location. I mean, let’s be honest, black hairstyles for kids are a little bit tricky. They can get tired on something quickly. But kid braids look cute, especially when they can be styled into something more. If you have a little man who wants long hair, this look will work for him as well. It’s very unisex.

Hair: Mel Wright
Model: Keyaira
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The cascading bouffant at the top contains thick, rope like braids. It can look very high fashion on little girls. Little boys or young men might like the look too because it is a take on the Mohawk. The cornrows on the sides of the head are very tight looking. Kids will not get tired of the two-tiered look. The contrast between both styles of braids is striking.

If a child wants a special treat, then they can ask for colorful locks to be braided into the top part of the style. However, to be honest, the look really doesn’t need any extra help to be special. The hair will always be neatly done when styled because it is swept right off the face. The back of the head has a twist and then the braids are allowed to flow freely down to the nape of the neck.

So if you are looking for kid braids, then look no further than Universal Salons. Just find a location near you on the website. And then ask for this hairstyle created by Mel Wright. You will be extremely impressed by the quality of the workmanship. And the best part is, all the stylists are trained in our looks. We can execute the style each and every time.

When dreaming about finding black hairstyles for kids, don’t ever give up hope. At Universal Salons, we are constantly coming up with the most innovative new looks to keep our clients happy. We understand that black hair requires high maintenance. It is also important to black men and women to start new trends and look their best. That is what our salons thrive on!

Our artistic directors are hard at work coming up with new styles every day. And once we patent it, we also learn to perform it. Your child will be happy with their hair for once, and not complain about how hard it is to get to look right. Help your child to see how beautiful and fun black hair can be by treating them to this new look. And you will benefit from the low maintenance each day afterwards. So enjoy your coffee in the morning while helping your child get ready. Their hair will be always the least of their worries with this Mel Wright styling.

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