Natural Twists Hairstyle for Men from Mel Wright

Mel Wright has been hard at work coming up with new variations on twists hairstyles. Black hairstyles for men are in high demand right now. They have been coming up with a variety of trendy men’s hairstyles for mainstream. But not all of these do’s work on black men’s hair.  

One of the most natural hairstyles for men who have black hair is to braid and twist it. But not all men want braids because they can be feminine. However, this style is definitely for men only. Even the side burns are styled in a elongated fashion that only men can pull off. The top and back of the hair are one big twist.

Hair: Mel Wright
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The sides of this hair do look a bit like a checker board. The sectioning is deliberately square to add flair to the do and some symmetry. In the middle of the side of the head there is a twist. Perpendicular twists come up from the ear to intersect the twist. It is definitely candy for the eye.

The back of the hair has a very thick twist coming down. Women will be asking how the guy got such an intricate pattern. The look is a little bit rap, some hip hop, and urban street wear all mixed into one. A guy will look great if they are going to work, school, or a party with this hair. The best part about it is that it can be dressed up or dressed down.

The bottom of the hair comes down to a neat point. A person wonders how all that hair was bundled so perfectly. It looks like this would take a stylist hours to complete. Good thing everyone at Universal Salons are trained in these very specific styles. That is one of the beautiful features of choosing a location anywhere across the country.

So, if you are looking to jazz it up, take a trip to our salons. Even if you are in vacation in one of the areas, book ahead so you can visit a salon. There is nothing better than coming back from holidays with a fresh take on life. And that can include getting a new make over.

Hair is one of the first things that people notice about another person. And so the impression has to be there. If a person gets this particular look, it shows that the man takes good care of oneself. And that the person has a flair for fashion. That can be very impressive in the business world. And even make for a great conversation piece. There is nothing better than a compliment to one’s hair as a segue into a business dealing. It’s not just musicians that get to have all the fun with their hair!

Take a walk on the wild side and try a style that no other man has. It will start the neighbors talking and keep heads turning. It can be fun to be a step ahead of everyone else. Let us make that happen for you.

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