Royal Blue Hairstyle for Women by Celestine Lee Rutherford

Among the long hairstyles for black women, this will leave you feeling like a queen. The Long Royal Blue Hairstyle by Celestine Lee Rutherford will have people doing double, triple takes on the streets. 

It might be difficult to find long hair weave hairstyles for black women. They might be bored with what the traditional styles are. This is something fresh that adds a pop of color to the day. And sporting long, perfectly tamed tresses is always in style.  

Find a look that you can feel fun in just as the day is long. You will be able to transition from morning to evening looks in the twinkle of an eye. Your hair will be your greatest accessory as long as you wear this weave.  

Hair: Celestine Lee Rutherford
Model: Celestine
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Thankfully, times are changing. Whereas before brighter nontraditional colors for women’s hair were not accepted in the mainstream, now they are perfectly acceptable to wear to work. And in fact, employers could get in trouble for not accepting a person’s hair color.  

So make the most of the times and choose this wildly bold weave. The long hair in this weave is very accentuating to the face. It makes the face look longer than it actually is. So women with wider faces who want a slimming effect should definitely select the Long Royal Blue Hairstyle by Evenia Bush. They will enjoy looking like they shed ten pounds the moment they exit the salon doors.  

Blue is one of the fiercest colors to hit the fashion market right now. It is a cool color that pairs perfectly with everything that is winter. During the Christmas season, women can accessorize with white and silver to give a glitzy take on holiday hues.  

So walk down the streets like you are walking down the runway with one of the latest long hair weave hairstyles for black women. You will be looking like a star in the making.  

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