Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Evonda Watson

Salon: Mr. & Mrs. Malibu Hair Salon
Stylist: Evonda Watson
Model: Jessica
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

When looking at the short hairstyles for women, the short pixie cut hairstyle is a widely recommended hairstyle. Pixie haircuts are adorable and this hairstyle brings in different features to make it classy and unique. While it gives that official look, you can party with this hairstyle as well as attend events.

Step-by-step Guide to Create the Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Before creating this hairstyle, it is important that you clean it. Use a mild shampoo and rinse the hair with warm water.

Divide your hair at the crown on your left side.

Focusing on your crown, hold up the hair segment while ensuring that the hair on your sides and back remains untouched.

Comb down the right sided hair and the back hair.

With the hair at your crown held up, and tied in position, comb your hair down. Ensure that the hair at the side falls on the side so you do not comb it all back.

Trim the side and back hair.

Once you are done combing, it is time to trim your hair. Hair on your side will lie just next to your ear. The back should lie just on your hairline. These sections remain with very short hair.

Let down the hair at the crown.

The hair at the crown will not be cut short. Instead, it will be combed to the side to create a fancy look.

Tong the hair at the crown.

To give your hair a fuller feel, it is best that you tong the hair at the crown. This will also give a layered texture making it fancy. This will also lift it so you have the best results.

Finish by oiling and styling.

Oil and spray your hair to give it that lustre. Style as desired for that final look.

It is best that you work with a professional to achieve the best results. This hairstyle is a creation of Evonda Watson from Mr. & Mrs. Malibu Hair Salon in Mesa, AZ. Simply book an appointment through this phone number (480) 232-3239 to reach her and she will guarantee excellent results.

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