Long Blonde Quickweave with a Lace Enclosure & Curls by Stephanie Hill

Talk about stunning! This long blonde quick weave hairstyle with a lace enclosure features full-length, voluptuous body curls for maximum elegance. Furthermore, the curls finish off this gorgeous style. The light honey golden blonde color is so striking. With a darker golden blonde root, this look achieves such real beauty through all its details, seemingly without effort. Long curls lay against the scalp and around the face in full-body waves. The curls are extending down into perfect yet natural ringlets that bounce lively with a lovely shape. The curls have volume, and a silky sheen texture that begs to be touched and demands to be admired.

Salon: Poised Beauty & Beat Studio
Stylist: Stephanie Hill
Model: Stephanie
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

 Long Blonde Quickweave Hairstyle

The quickweave has a lace enclosure, making this install lightweight and breathable, all while blending perfectly into your natural hairline, the only thing you’ll feel against your head is fantastic hair! As elegant and eye-catching as this hairstyle is, it’s versatile to fit your lifestyle and environment. Whether work or play, day or night, you can rock this look with confidence and poise, knowing, and feeling, its quality and totally rocking the glamor. Compliments will come at no surprise with this amazing do!

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Introducing Stephanie Hill from Poised Beauty & Beat Studio

The high-quality lace enclosure craftsmanship and top-of-the-line styling of this hairstyle is brought to you by the talented Miss Stephanie Hill, owner of Poised Beauty & Beat Studio in Columbia, South Carolina. A five-star studio and stylist, Stephanie and the Poised Beauty staff have been praised time and time again for their knowledge, experience, and caring service. They are holding fast to clients’ needs and delivering nothing less than the highest satisfaction as their top priority. You, and your hair, have a buddy in the biz for life with Poised Beauty & Beat Studio!

And with walk-ins welcome, there’s no excuse to not amplify your own natural beauty with the natural beauty of this long blonde quick weave hairstyle with a lace enclosure and voluptuous curls. You’re worth it, girl, so get you some of that Poised Beauty! Give Stephanie and her talented staff a call at (803) 933-2227.

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