Long Sew in Hairstyle with an Invisible Part from Ayana Kone’

This long sew in hairstyle with an invisible part in the front is sure to impress. You will be able to have maximum versatility with this look. The look is great with added curls or straightened.

 Long Sew In Hairstyle with an Invisible Part

If you dream of luscious locks, then this do is for you. You can have the manageable long hair that you always coveted. This model has three packs of virgin hair sewn in. You can always adjust the amount of hair that you want in. 

Salon: Chic Hair Braiding
Stylist: Ayana Kone’
Model: Kim
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

The nice thing about this particular look is that the invisible part can be adjusted. It can be taken out and remixed while the sewn in the back is still left in. This allows for the hair to be molded and adjusted as the client likes.

The overall impression that you will make on people is that you take care of your hair. Your hair will always look great after you style it. The long sew in hairstyle with an invisible part is a great choice for people that love to wear their hair down.

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Introducing Ayana Kone’ from Chic Hair Braiding

The stylist that did this procedure is Ayana Kone’ at Chic Hair Braiding. The quality of the workmanship really shows. The barrel hair curls in the front are an added touch. They cascade against the face, giving a polished and face framing finish.

If you don’t have time to grow out your hair or your hair is thin, then this is a great option. You can have a long coif and feel great about it. Long hair styles are coming back in trend full force for women of all ages. You are never too old to get a long hair style on your tresses. This sewn in hair will delight you when you step out with flowing locks. Give Ayana a call at (336) 375-4697 or feel free to stop by Chic Hair Braiding at 611 Summit Avenue in Greensboro, NC and her create your next signature hairstyle

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