Long High Ponytail with Highlights from Nivi Grimball in Charleston, SC

This long, high ponytail works great whether you’re getting ready to hit the gym for your daily workout, or to an elegant event that requires diamonds and heels. Nivi Grimball at Samiyah’s Hair Salon in Charleston, SC created this hot ponytail hairstyle using hair additions with streaks of auburn as highlights. This is the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle for the busy lady with a hectic schedule.  When you can’t spend all day at the salon, yet your lifestyle always demands a picture-perfect look, this long high ponytail is the answer.

Stylist: Nivi Grimball
Salon: Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon, Charleston, SC
Model: Jessica
Makeup: Nivi Grimball

Long, Flowing Ponytail Added to the Client’s Natural Hair

Professional hairstylist Nivi Grimball started this beautiful, long ponytail by preparing her model’s natural hair. She began by giving her client a thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment. Nivi molded her client’s hair towards the back and added three braids in the front. The three braids moving from front to back, in the center of her client’s hair adds an extra flair to this long, flowing style. On top of the client’s natural hair, Nivi added a synthetic ponytail with highlights created by different hues of auburn and gold. The highlights showcase the movement of the ponytail as the client goes about their daily life.

While achieving a look like this long flowing ponytail may seem simple, there are quite a few ways you could damage your hair if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s a good idea to trust something as important as your hair to a professional like Nivi Grimball.  Something as simple as using the wrong products could prove detrimental. If the alcohol content is too high in the products you use to mold the hair, it could lead to scalp damage or even hair loss.

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Taking Care of Your Long High Ponytail at Home

Professional hairstylist Niivi Grimball made sure that her client would continue to look “salon fresh” long after her time in Nivi’s chair. This long high ponytail is designed to be low maintenance as well. Nivi suggests her client continue her regular shampoo and conditioner routine. Also, wrap her hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet. Every morning the client will use a daily moisturizer like an oil sheen spray and be on their way.

Introducing Nivi Grimball from Samiyah’s Hair Salon in Charleston, SC

Nivi Grimball is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist. Her work has been featured in many national publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Nii is located at Samiyah’s Hair Salon, 2527 Savannah Hwy., Suite – A, in Charleston, SC. Nivi is known for her hair color and braiding techniques. One look at the library of Nivi’s work and you’ll understand why an appointment in her chair is so cherished. Her love for the hair industry shines through in everything she does. When you’re ready to give yourself a treat, stop by Samiyah’s Hair Salon or call at (843) 571-2673.

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