Long Ponytail with an Elegant Braid and Hair Color from Aniya Oden

This long ponytail with an elegant braid and hair color will leave your hair looking fun yet elegant. Aniya Oden from Styles So Chic in Raleigh, NC knows how to handle hair and leave you looking your best. I love how we have a few different aspects going on in this hairstyle, from the long flowing back to the fun ombre hair color and elegant pony top. This hairstyle screams fun elegance, that’s normally a very complicated look to pull off. This hairstyle is highly complimented, and not only will people enjoy how it looks, but it also goes well with nearly any outfit. Due to the fun yet stylish mixture of aspects, one could dress up or dress down and still look amazing with this hairstyle.

Salon: Style So Chic
Stylist: Aniya Oden
Model: Nneka
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Elegant, Versatile Ponytail Hairstyle

The braid we see in the front of the hairstyle adds a touch of class that you normally couldn’t get with a ponytail hairstyle, creating an aura of gracefulness that’s often hard to achieve with a rather fun hairstyle. The color blend is also beautiful and will attract many compliments from those you may meet. Most black hairstyles tend to offer the same look with different components but this one offers a fresh, new look that is sure to complement nearly any woman. It’s also quite easy to upkeep, compared to some other similar hairstyles. This is due to the nature of the style, offering a more flowing, down look that is easily fixed up and is beyond manageable in daily life.

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Overall, there’s really nothing to dislike about this long ponytail with an elegant braid and hair color. It’s a fun fusion of spunky and classic that looks great and stunning. The style feels wonderful and is also easy to manage, which is important for those with a busy schedule. This is a great hairstyle that is sure to impress nearly anyone who sees it.

Introducing Aniya Oden from Style So Chic Hair Salon in Raleigh, NC

This long ponytail with an elegant braid and hair color was created by professional cosmetologist Aniya Oden. Aniya is the owner of Styles So Chic hair salon in Raleigh, NC. Stop by Styles So Chic or give Aniya a call at (919) 532-9555 and let her create your next hairstyle.

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